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    Tips to Plan a Luxury Vacation at Any Price Point

      Finding the money for a luxury vacation can be a serious challenge! If you think that your budget won’t allow for a vacation this year, try to come up with some creative ways to allow for an incredible trip that can fit within your means. Luxury vacations don’t need to be ones that break […]

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  • Natural Wonders of Australia

    The Breathtaking Natural Wonders of Australia

    Inside the 2,941,300 miles that make up Australia’s assorted ecosystem, you’ll discover snow-capped mountains, a semi-arid desert known as the “Outback” and a subtropical rainforest. This distinctiveness translates into an array of beautiful landscapes, sites and attractions that will please even the most discerning and well-heeled traveler. While planning the itinerary for your next Australian […]

  • World Cruise

    How to Prepare for an Around the World Cruise

    You’ve been daydreaming about taking a cruise around the world for years. You’ve scrimped, saved and decided to take the metaphoric plunge and plan the adventure. Now that your dreams are realized, the reality of cruising might seem more like a logistical nightmare. Before you jump the gun and cancel your credit cards, find new […]

  • Southampton

    Southampton Stag Weekends

    The coastal city of the South, Southampton is Britain’s largest port and offers up a sophisticated choice of cultural, shopping and night spots ensuring an unforgettable hen weekend. The maritime status of the city is what gives Southampton its unique identity. Over 240 ships depart the port every year; in particular the tragically fated Titanic […]

  • best party cities

    Cities for Party People

    Around the world, there are countless cities that could be considered as hot spots for a party vacation, but few of these live up to their reputation. Ibiza is too passe, London is too expensive, and Tokyo lacks the spark of excitement it once held. So then, where should a person go if they really […]

  • golfing

    7 Craziest Things You Can Do In South Africa

    South Africa offers travelers many different attractions, sightseeing places and activities ranging from relaxing on the beach, visiting museums and art galleries to exhilarating and breathtaking bungy jumping, shark cage diving, sky diving and hot air balloon safaris.

  • Lanzarote

    Explore Lanzarote´s Leading Attractions

    Lanzarote is one of the most popular holiday destinations in Spain.  Thanks to the fact that it offers year round sunshine and is just four hours flying time from large markets such as the UK and Germany.  Which means that the island welcomes both summer and winter sun seekers. There is also an abundance of […]