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  • Visit to Singapore

    5 Best Adventure Activities To Try In Singapore

    If you are an adventure seeker and looking for challenging fun activities, Singapore is the perfect place for you. Experience various activity options you can do while traveling this fascinating city. The adventure activities you can do are endless but here are 5 best adventure activities to try in Singapore.

  • Safari Vacation


    You have probably experienced the frustration that comes with packing unnecessary things for a trip. Many globetrotters have made the mistake of thinking that they need all the items they stuffed into my luggage, only to realize at their destination that they have left out the important things. Think of the inconveniences of unpreparedness: struggling […]

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  • Victoria, Australia

    5 out-of-town adventures in Victoria

    As much as we love city life with it’s beautiful architecture, trendy cafés and lively bars, sometimes a trip out-of-town is needed to recharge the batteries. Nothing beats a relaxing drive in the country, a day grazing on culinary delights, or the time to share everyday moments with family. If you’re looking for your next […]

  • Ideal Beaches for Tourists in Dubai

    A quick guide to planning a trip to Dubai

    Whether you are traveling with friends or family, planning everything from A to Z will make your visit to Dubai twice the fun. Planning a trip is a daunting job that takes a lot of time and effort especially if you have no idea from where to begin.

  • 6 Best Ski Resorts In The World

    6 Best Ski Resorts In The World

    While bathing in the sun and drinking cocktails on a sandy beach does sound like fun, all you thrill-seekers and adrenaline junkies can’t wait for the winter to put your ski boots and your goggles on.

  • Colorado road trip

    The Best Road Trips in the US

    Some of my favorite childhood memories are my family’s extended road trips.  My father was an expert in packing everything into our minivan, including a toaster oven.  That’s right, we took everything including the kitchen appliances.  We would eat our lunch out of the cooler in the middle of Kansas, one hand holding our sandwich […]

  • Luxury Safari Ideas

    10 Luxury Safari Ideas That Will Guarantee You A Memorable Holiday Experience

    Travel experiences change us. They are exhilarating to the mind, body, and soul. But for my holiday experience on the Obudu Mountain, I would never have written and published my debut novel. The opportunities in every travel experience are limitless. Of all the outdoor holidays available, Safari travel experiences are the most outstanding. Countless books […]

  • Singapore Vacation

    Singapore Vacation – An Overview of the Best Vacation

    Apart from being a prime business hub and destination for many people, Singapore is also an amazing tourist destination. Singapore is one of the best Asian countries to focus on and visit as opposed to what many people just pass by on their way to other destinations. A visit to Singapore is not complicated. There […]