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  • 5 Ways to Treat Your Lady While Traveling

    5 Ways to Treat Your Lady While Traveling

    As the world is progressing and we’re entering new and more advanced eras or generations, chivalry is slowly but surely dying and coming to a sluggish but abrupt end. Hence, even the boys who love their ladies with all their hearts have difficulty when it comes to portraying it. This probably isn’t the first time […]

  • USA flights

    8 Ways to Help You Pay Less for Your Next Flight to Europe

    For people on a tight budget, flying to Europe may seem like a dream that will never happen. Most of the time, when you check out prices for a regular long-haul transatlantic flight, the cost tends to be $1,000 or more. When you combine the pricey flight with the expensive European meals and hotels, it’s […]

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  • How to Stay Safe on Your International Business Trip

    With an increasing number of terrorist threats all over the globe as well as growing hotel security concerns, international business trips are not the same pleasant experience they used to be. Nowadays, your number one priority when traveling abroad should be to ensure you stay safe at all times. So between thinking about how to […]

  • Authentic Western Lodging Deals

    A Taste of the West: Best Authentic Western Lodging Deals

    From cowboys and wide open prairies to the rugged peaks of the Tetons and striking red rock of the southern deserts, the American West offers some of the most diverse scenery on earth. In a single day’s drive you can head from high alpine terrain to barren, rocky landscapes full of sandstone arches.

  • Taking your retirement overseas and the top 5 places to live

    Taking your retirement overseas and the top 5 places to live

    Dreaming of your retirement and what you can do? Ever contemplated on where to settle down? More people who are planning their retirement are wanting to move abroad to live and enjoy soaking up the sun. They’re many benefits when considering the move. New research has been carried out by Schofields Ltd showing 57% of […]

  • Mother Hacks for Travelling With Children: A Pocket Guide!

    Did you ever make the mistake of thinking that with motherhood all the freedom of your life (or at least the freedom of movement) has come to an end? It’s time to put that thought to sleep because trust me, ladies, there is no such thing as not being able to travel because of kids; […]

  • Safari Vacation


    You have probably experienced the frustration that comes with packing unnecessary things for a trip. Many globetrotters have made the mistake of thinking that they need all the items they stuffed into my luggage, only to realize at their destination that they have left out the important things. Think of the inconveniences of unpreparedness: struggling […]

  • How to Impress Your Business Partners while Traveling

    How to Impress Your Business Partners while Traveling

    My mentor and former boss used to say that once you start your own business and set out on the path of being an entrepreneur you cannot afford to make mistakes. Not even the smallest ones. If you want your name to get out and your business to thrive, you have to make sure you […]

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    Why Save the Rhino?

    A good question?  Or a ridiculous question?  Either way you look at it, many are asking it.  Why should we save the Rhino?  What has he done that deserves saving?  Why not save the child, our own kind?  Save the bee.  After all they do more good for the environment, right?  Hey, save the good […]

  • Climbing Mt. Kili

    Climbing Mt. Kili

    A lot of trekkers show up, over equipped with gears. It’s a lesson they learn the hard way, but it’s unnecessary, even if it’s your first time. In this post, we’re going to brief you on what you would actually require as well as what you could consider before making this trip.