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  • Switching to Short-Term Rentals

    Switching to Short-Term Rentals: Pros and Cons

    The real estate industry is always changing, and so it’s important for landlords to change up their strategy once and a while. There are always things to revise when it comes to business plans and clientele to target.

  • elegant boutique hotels

    What makes Condor Hotel one of the most elegant boutique hotels in Brooklyn?

    Are you planning to visit Williamsburg for a business or a leisure trip? If answered yes, you can book your stay at the Condor Hotel which is a premium hotel which has been designed in the form of an inviting oasis for both business and leisure travelers. Those who seek corporate lodging in Brooklyn which […]

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  • Where to Stay on a Tanzania Safari

    Where to Stay on a Tanzania Safari

    There are some locations that offer a myriad of options for travellers, however, with Tanzania offering a relevant case in point. This stunning location ensures that travellers from all walks of life are well catered for, from rustic but comfortable tents beneath the stars to luxurious family lodges.

  • A cruise boat is dwarfed by one of the limestone karsts

    Cruising to your destination – The nitty gritties

    It’s the Journey that matters, not the destination. And a cruise is a journey you never want to end. In a cruise, reaching the destination is not the objective, rather the journey is. A cruise sets you up for a vacation at sea where you need not be concerned with anything else and just sit […]

  • image001

    6 Things to Consider When Traveling on a Long-Haul Flight

    If you aren’t a regular long-haul flight traveler, everything about traveling to a distant country can be nerve-racking. Regardless of whether you are on a business trip, attending a wedding, or going on a holiday, long-distance air travel can leave you tired and disoriented for days, especially if you haven’t planned your trip well.

  • Guide to Toronto’s Distillery District

    Guide to Toronto’s Distillery District

    Have you ever heard about the pedestrian only Distillery Historic District of Toronto? Though Toronto is the largest city of Canada, but it is best known for its Distillery Historic District. If you ever visit Toronto in your life, you must visit this place. Some of the best industrial architecture of the 18th Century is […]

  • Money Exchange traveling

    10 Travelling Money Exchange Mistakes to Avoid

    Thanks to travel comparison websites and price alerts, we’ve become better than ever before at nabbing a good holiday deal. However, our travel planning finesse doesn’t always extend to foreign finances, with many of us missing the boat on the best exchange rates due to pesky oversights and poor planning. Don’t spend more than you […]

  • Climbing Tips That Can Save Your Life

    Reaching the top of a mountain can be a rewarding climbing experience. It is no doubt that mountain summits have wide unique views, quiet and peaceful surroundings. Nevertheless, you need to take care of the health risk you endure while reaching such high altitudes. Here are some climbing tips that actually can save your life! […]

  • travel

    Reasons people don’t travel and arguments against them

    Not everybody is the same. Some people do like to travel and others do not. You may think it’s completely outrageous someone you know doesn’t want to see other parts of the world and learn how other people live. It’s possible that these types of people are into different things other than traveling, and that […]

  • Visit to Singapore

    5 Best Adventure Activities To Try In Singapore

    If you are an adventure seeker and looking for challenging fun activities, Singapore is the perfect place for you. Experience various activity options you can do while traveling this fascinating city. The adventure activities you can do are endless but here are 5 best adventure activities to try in Singapore.