New York City: Contribution to the world

New York City is the city that never sleeps. There are a number of wonderful things about it that make it unlike any other city in the world. Like any other place, there’s the good and the not-so-glamorous. For some people, however, it’s more than just a city. It’s a place unlike any other—the place that they most want to call home. [click to continue…]

Don't Limit Your Flight Search to Heathrow

If you looking to visit England, the most obvious airport to use is of course London Heathrow. With its five terminals and flights from a wealth of airlines to just about anywhere in the world, Heathrow is the biggest and busiest airport in Britain, and will almost certainly be accessible from your starting location even if you have to make a stop somewhere else en route. [click to continue…]

The Best Neighborhoods to Stay in Palo Alto

Palo Alto in California is very much a collection of neighborhoods as much as it is its own city. When looking for places to stay in Palo Alto, CA for a vacation, for an extended period to visit the in-laws, or as a location to stay for a few months to see whether a job pans out, it is a good idea to know where to look.

Here is our breakdown of some of the preferred neighborhoods to stay when visiting Palo Alto. [click to continue…]


Airport layovers are some of the most dreaded parts of a vacation. They often instill the traveler with a feeling of powerlessness as well as boredom, a combination rarely seen in day to day life. You need to try and instead look at layovers as an opportunity to be taken advantage of instead of a problem to be solved. Airports have become like small cities in themselves now, so there is plenty that you can find to do. Don’t forget that the technology you carry also brings with it endless opportunity. [click to continue…]

Travelling alone with baby

Travelling can be stressful.  Travelling with a baby can be stress multiplied.  Travelling alone with your baby?  Well, that can be a recipe for a hair-raising experience.  But before you decide to cancel your plans and stay home, relax.  With a little extra planning, you and your wee one can have a successful and fun trip no matter where you travel plans take you.  The key is to think ahead and bring along the essentials you’ll need to make things run as smoothly as possible.

First and foremost, don’t forget food for your baby!  This may seem obvious, but don’t bring along only enough for the journey to your destination.  If possible, bring enough formula or baby food for your entire trip.  Don’t assume that your destination will sell the kind of food your baby is used to!  If your baby is nursing full time, you may still want to bring along bottles of breast milk and a breast pump, in case there are times when nursing in public isn’t possible or comfortable, or if someone else needs to feed baby.  If baby is snacking on solid foods, bring enough snacks to keep her happy on the trip.  And don’t forget any sippy cups, special utensils or mixing containers you are used to using.  The less you have to improvise feeding time on the fly, the more comfortable and relaxed both you and your baby will be. [click to continue…]