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  • A Weekend retreat to Alsisar

    A Weekend retreat to Alsisar

    I have always felt that there has to be more to Rajasthan than castles, camels, and a multi-chromatic culture. This ancient royal settlement cannot be just a definition of grandeur. As I mull over these thoughts over an editorial feature on less explored palaces of Rajasthan, my boss asks me to make a quick trip to Alsisar and do a coverage of the Alsisar Mahal. Sometimes I do thank my job for bringing such sudden surprises. Needless to say, I give no second thoughts to the proposition. Continue reading

  • Why travel in Asia? Here are 13 Reasons why you Should

    Five Fabulous Islands in Australia and Asia

    The Asian continent is home to more than half of the planet’s population, and that makes it a destination with a great amalgam of millenary cultures that deserve to be experienced in person. Like Africa, Asia is a geographically vast region that encompasses a diversity of natural settings, climates and cities that contrast with each other. Continue reading

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