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  • Make the Most of Your Florida Vacation: 10 Must Visit Places


    If there is one thing there is no shortage of in Florida, it’s the beaches. While beach going is a popular feature of a Florida vacation, there are many other activities to be involved in which appeal to just about anyone. Here are ten attractions you need to know about to help you get the most out of your Florida vacation. You may not be able to experience them all in one visit but you can certainly add them to your bucket list. Continue reading

  • Ultimate Outdoor Travel Itinerary Guide


    Ultimate Outdoor Travel Itinerary Guide

    As a hiker, a traveler or a mountaineer, your backpack will be one of your most important investments. A reliable backpack should have multiple compartments for organized storage and a padded hip belt and shoulder strap to distribute the bag’s weight comfortably over your shoulders and hips. A lumbar shaped backrest will slide snugly against your back and a tarp is a must to cover your bag during heavy rainfall. Invest a bit more for the sake of durability, personally, I have never experienced problems with the zippers, buckles or straps of a backpack when buying a mid-ranged item.  Continue reading

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