6 Objections To Packing Carry-On Only And How To Overcome Them

It’s a guest post by Amanda Nicholls from AlmostLanding.com

If you told me 5 years ago that I could travel to Europe for 9 weeks with carry-on only, I would not have believed you.

I would have come up with a bunch of objections as to why it’s just not possible. It’s funny, because as I write this article, I really had to think about possible objections people could have, because now that I have done it, I know that packing carry-on only is very possible. Not just possible, but it can be easy too! [click to continue…]

save money on looking after your car

Loading up a car, and taking off across country, can be a great, affordable way to travel.  It’s also the perfect way to really see the country properly as you have the independence to stop and stay wherever you choose.  But before you do get out your backpack and take off you need to think about the expense of something happening to the car you’re travelling in. [click to continue…]

San Francisco The song says that if you’re going to San Francisco, you should wear some flowers in your hair. The City by the Bay is famous not only for the Golden Gate Bridge and Alcatraz but is known as a vibrant Mecca for progressive thinkers. The hippie movement had its spiritual home here; before the hippies, there was the Beat Generation; and no city is so indelibly linked with LBGT rights than the one that activist and openly gay politician Harvey Milk called home. You don’t really need a tie-dye T-shirt and daisy chains to visit. [click to continue…]

Greek party destinations

What makes Greece such a popular tourist destination is its mixture of incredible culture, delicious cuisine and of course, it’s bustling nightlife. The Greek islands in particular offer some of the best parties and nightclubs in the whole of Europe and along with Ibiza, have become a mecca for young clubbers on the search for fun and excitement. [click to continue…]

summer vacation

Even though it feels like I never take a break, I really do try to take some time off to enjoy the beautiful weather during the summer. But, don’t think for a second that I leave my smartphone and tablet at home. They’re even more indispensable when we’re traveling than in the office, with new apps and tools to help us make the most of our days off appearing all the time. One of the big perks of my job is that I am constantly exposed to new applications and I am able to find the ones that work best in every situation. Here are a few recent apps that I’m using that will also help you plan, save time, stay connected, enjoy and share your vacation. [click to continue…]