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  • 6 One-of-a-Kind Tourist Spots to Visit in Dusit District

    Tourist Spots to Visit in Dusit District

    Established by King Chulalongkorn in the 1900s, is considered the administrative center of Thailand. The National Assembly, the Royal Palace, the National Library, and several ministries are located in the district, as well as various military camps and some parts of the Royal Thai Air Force. As such, Dusit is also known as Thailand’s military zone. Continue reading

  • Top Stops for an Amazing South African Expedition

    South African Expedition

    Many people plan their vacations visiting the same locations year after year. While a chance to relax is often appealing, you may want to take a more unique approach to your time off. If you’re looking for adventure and wonder on your next vacation, consider planning a trip to visit South Africa. Full of unique culture and amazing wildlife, this region is home to some incredible destinations and life-changing experiences. Whether you want to embark on South African Safaris or get a taste of distinctive cuisine, these places are some of the top in the country and are worth adding to your itinerary. Continue reading

  • Best Places for Students to Travel in Europe

    Best Places for Students to Travel in Europe

    Nowadays, many wonderful places are just a flight away from any destination in the world. When visiting different continents and marvelous corners of the world is a viable and affordable option, it’s only natural that people use this opportunity to make their travel dreams come true.

    As a student, you have more time and opportunities than you’ll ever have to travel the world. Student travel Europe is now a very popular option and thanks to cheap fares and accommodations, you can do this even with a very low budget. Continue reading

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