Top 5 casinos to visit when in Toronto

Proposals for the constructions of a mega-casino in Toronto – the first gaming complex to grace the Canada’s biggest city – have been shot down recently by the city council. However, if you’re a gamer looking for your gambling fix there’s no need to panic! [click to continue…]

The Parthenon

Some of the greatest pieces of human achievement are disappearing before our eyes. Ancient and medieval achievements are slowly disappearing from numerous changes, like erosion, climate change, and human caused pollution. [click to continue…]


State of New Jersey has the highest population density among the 50 states- an average of 1,030 people per square mile with 90% of the people living in an urban area. This might explain the fact that property taxes in the Garden State is the highest in the country- twice the national average. Based on a recent report by WCBS news radio however, 200,000 homeowners in Jersey State don’t seem to know or care about that seeing as they failed to apply for $200 million worth of tax rebates. [click to continue…]


Seville…do you know anything about it?

Many people will say that this is just a common Spanish city… and they will make a serious mistake!

Why? Because Seville is a city of Don Juan, Carmen and eternal joy!

You should come to this beautiful city at least once in your life! Seville is a pride of the whole country and also known as “the real Spain!”

Only here you have a chance to feel unique Spanish character, saturated with the most exciting bullfights and the most passionate flamenco! [click to continue…]

Dare  to be Different: Honeymoons with a Twist

As betrothed couples start planning their weddings they are inundated with many things to look forward to (and of course, things to do). However, ask a bride or groom what they’re looking forward to most about their wedding and the majority will say “the honeymoon”. And who can blame them? Celebrating love and a new beginning, honeymoons should be a once in a lifetime travel experience. So while beach resorts and luxury island hideaways are tempting as romantic honeymoon destinations, don’t forget that there’s so much more you could see and do than lie on a beach. The question is do you dare to be different? [click to continue…]