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  • 6 Things to Consider When Traveling on a Long-Haul Flight


    If you aren’t a regular long-haul flight traveler, everything about traveling to a distant country can be nerve-racking. Regardless of whether you are on a business trip, attending a wedding, or going on a holiday, long-distance air travel can leave you tired and disoriented for days, especially if you haven’t planned your trip well. Continue reading

  • Guide to Toronto’s Distillery District

    Guide to Toronto’s Distillery District

    Have you ever heard about the pedestrian only Distillery Historic District of Toronto? Though Toronto is the largest city of Canada, but it is best known for its Distillery Historic District. If you ever visit Toronto in your life, you must visit this place. Some of the best industrial architecture of the 18th Century is beautifully preserved here. Furthermore, it is a National historic site for North America. Continue reading

  • 10 Travelling Money Exchange Mistakes to Avoid

    Money Exchange traveling

    Thanks to travel comparison websites and price alerts, we’ve become better than ever before at nabbing a good holiday deal. However, our travel planning finesse doesn’t always extend to foreign finances, with many of us missing the boat on the best exchange rates due to pesky oversights and poor planning. Don’t spend more than you have to – these are the common money exchange mistakes travellers to Australia are making, and how to avoid them. Continue reading

  • Flights to Maldives Work Only Under These Conditions

    Maldives, Indian Ocean

    Many tourists call the Maldives a tropical haven. Located at the Indian Ocean, the Maldives composes of over a thousand coral islands 1,192, to be precise according to the data provided by a leading airline company with regular flights to the small nation). One out of six islands is inhabited by the locals although the government in partnership with private enterprises had developed these atolls primarily for tourism purposes. Continue reading

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