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  • 5 Amazing Adventure Holidays You Need to Try

    Adventure Holidays You Need to Try

    Many of us look forward to laying on a sandy beach for a week with an alcoholic drink in hand (preferably not moving), but if you’re anything like me then you normally get bored by around the third day – there’s only so much book reading and listening to music one can do! Continue reading

  • 5 Things Every First Timer to Costa Rica Has to Try

    Costa Rica

    If you’re looking for a vacation spot that boasts both the Caribbean and Pacific coastlines, Costa Rica is the perfect spot. This beautiful Central American country gives you volcanoes, jungles, and beaches, in addition to its own native exotic wildlife.

    Once you’ve booked your Costa Rica rental that has great views and amenities, check out some of the following hot spots that are must-see stops for anyone who is visiting for the first time.

    Cahuita National Park

    Cahuita National Park

    If you’re looking for an amazing experience exploring a rainforest and spotting local wildlife, Cahuita National Park is a must.

    From the tropical fauna, to the snakes, lizards, sloths, and beautiful howler monkeys, you can’t go wrong if you are a nature lover.

    Be sure to pack a good camera for some once-in-a-lifetime photographs. Continue reading

  • A charming holiday in a four stars hotel in Siena among art and nature: introducing the Garden Hotel!

    A charming holiday in a four stars hotel in Siena among art and nature introducing the Garden Hotel

    Located just a few minutes away from Siena’s centre and surrounded by a large park with centuries-old holly oaks, the Hotel Garden is a 4* hotel in Siena, the result of a skilled restoration of a prestigious Sienese villa from the 1700s and 3 dependances nearby. The structure features a local parking, external swimming pools, restaurant and a suggestive panoramic terrace overlooking Siena. The Hotel is also an excellent location for weddings and for meetings, conventions and conferences. Continue reading

  • Ravello: Gem on the Italian coastline


    People would sometimes forget that Italy has more to offer than the ancient Roman ruins in Rome, or romantic villages of Venice or Verona. Any tourist who has gotten bored of seeing all those old paintings in even older churches can escape to the Amalfi Coast, one of Italy’s main tourist regions. Ravello is a hidden gem on this Italian coastline.

    The Italian town situated on the Amalfi coast has been attracting composers,  artists and celebrities for centuries with its beautiful views. Its scenic beauty has made it an popular destination for tourists looking to find the real ‘la dolce vita’. Continue reading

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