Are Airports Liable for Slip and Fall Accidents?

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Airports should be safe areas where people from different nationalities can freely book, alight or embark on their journeys to different destinations. If you have sustained injuries in an airport due to the negligence of another party, an airport slip and fall lawyer at Salamati Law Firm will be able to guide you through this difficult legal process.

Dangerous conditions that can result in accidents include spilled drinks and food, unsafe door mats, debris, uneven floors, loose carpet, and water leaks among others. Other dangerous hazards include lack of handrails and poorly lit areas. Such public areas need to have dry, flat and safe walkways that reduce the risk of getting hurt. Many parties can be held liable if someone tripped and fell. For instance, some potential defendants may be:

The airline

Sometimes, travellers can get injured while they are inside an airplane. If the incident occurred due to the airline’s negligence, they will be held liable for the injuries. Such incidents include being hit by things coming out of the overhead bin and tripping over obstacles in the plane’s aisle.

The vendor

Sometimes visitors get hurt by dangerous conditions inside restaurants, shops and kiosks within the premises. If the visitor was hurt because the vendor failed to maintain safety inside and outside his shop, you can sue him for damages.


The authorities are usually government agencies that have limited liability and the procedures of filing claims against them is different. If you want to increase chances of winning against the government, work with an experienced lawyer.


If you sustained injuries in private premises due to the owner’s negligence, the property owner may owe you monetary compensation.


Sometimes fellow travellers may increase risks of accidents occurring by their actions. For instance, a careless individual may be walking in front of you and spill coffee, making you slide and hit the ground. In order to win your claim, you should prove:

Duty of care

Public and private institutions must care for their visitors. They need to ensure the premises are free from any dangers that can harm visitors who are legally there.


If property owners do not fulfil their duty of care to their visitors, it is considered negligence. For instance, if drinks are usually spilled on the restaurant floors, the management should have placed absorbent mats that cannot slide or cause injuries. If they didn’t solve the issue in a timely manner, they will be held liable.


You must prove that what they failed to do resulted in an unsafe condition which caused your accident. For instance, you need to prove that you fell on spilled food or drinks because the staff or owners did not clean up the mess in time or put up signage.


You must show quantifiable harm, like injuries or psychological effects.


In short, there are many parties that can be held accountable for any incidents such as the vendors, individuals, property owners and the relevant authorities. Work with a great attorney to get compensation from the negligent party after sustaining injuries.

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