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  • Best Towns To Live In United States

    Best Towns To Live In United States

    Most people dream of living in big cities; the good phone networks, fast-paced life, and close proximity to social amenities and schools are all too enticing to ignore. But sometimes you will want to live in a small town with a slower pace, but still incredible enough for your comfort. The good news is that there are many charming towns in the USA that will offer you plenty to love and enjoy as a resident. Continue reading

  • Perfect places to visit in Croatia after coronavirus pandemic

    Visiting Croatia

    The year 2020 has put some serious challenges in front of us from the very beginning. The coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19) has forced almost all countries on a lockdown, changed the way people go on with their everyday activities and made them rethink their plans. After months of uncertainty and fear about the future developments, things are finally starting to look better for most countries, restrictions and travel bans are slowly being lifted throughout May and people are again starting to think about travelling to other countries. Continue reading

  • 5 Best Places to Visit in Sicily After Lockdown

    5 Best Places to Visit in Sicily After Lockdown

    Varied, vibrant and utterly beautiful, the island of Sicily sits lonesome below the tip of Italy’s boot as a magical enclave of fine beaches, limpid waters, volcanic landscapes and massive rock formations.

    Very few places compare to the beauty and charisma of this big, triangle-shaped island in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea, with its extraordinary cliff-side villages, white-sand beaches, magnificent architecture, roaring volcanoes, great food, quality wines and scenic archaeological sites scattered all around. And yet, it is still far from being a mainstream destination. Continue reading

  • Best driving routes in Canada

    How to Prepare Your Car for Long Distance Travel

    Canada is located in some of the most diverse and sparse areas of North America. There are a variety of adventures for you, which will surely steal your breath and provide you with lasting memories from your vacation. Canada is the second-largest country in the world for road tripping. Here are the easiest, most scenic, Canada self-drive tours from west to east that you have to enjoy in the Great White North. Continue reading

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