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  • Safari Vacation
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    You have probably experienced the frustration that comes with packing unnecessary things for a trip. Many globetrotters have made the mistake of thinking that they need all the items they stuffed into my luggage, only to realize at their destination that they have left out the important things. Think of the inconveniences of unpreparedness: struggling […] More

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    Motorcycle Vacation Ideas

    Are you a bike rider? Do you love to travel on a motorcycle? Do you prefer motorcycles over automobiles and are looking for a unique rally excursion? Get ideas for your motorbike tours at the link. More

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    Make the Most of Your Florida Vacation: 10 Must Visit Places

    If there is one thing there is no shortage of in Florida, it’s the beaches. While beach going is a popular feature of a Florida vacation, there are many other activities to be involved in which appeal to just about anyone. Here are ten attractions you need to know about to help you get the […] More

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    Six Hot Apps To Make The Most Of Your Summer Vacation

    Even though it feels like I never take a break, I really do try to take some time off to enjoy the beautiful weather during the summer. But, don’t think for a second that I leave my smartphone and tablet at home. They’re even more indispensable when we’re traveling than in the office, with new […] More

  • Best Vacation Spots For 2014

    Best Vacation Spots For 2014

    Travel offers new experiences and adventures to those who take the journey. Some people travel to explore new scenery and try new foods. Others want to experience new cultures and customs. Many people use travel as an opportunity for relaxation and time to unwind and reflect. Whether you travel for adventure, to see nature and […] More

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    5 Fun and Family Friendly Activities for Your Next Beach Vacation

    The beach is one of the most popular destinations for any family vacation. Wherever you live in the United States you are never farther than three or four hours by plane from a beach, and you’ll never get a complaint from the kids about this vacation choice. And to capture the precious moments of your beach trip you […] More

  • Bedarra Island
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    Top 5 Relaxing and Inexpensive Activities to Do on Vacation

    When you’re on vacation, relaxation can often be priority number one. The ironic thing about taking a trip, however, is that sometimes getting ready to head out on your next big vacation can be anything but relaxing. Getting ready for a grand adventure often involves quite a lot of moving parts. Sometimes we even find ourselves responsible […] More

  • Frigate Island
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    How to Save Money on Must-Have Clothing for a Tropical Vacation

    Vacation is a time for leisure, rest, relaxation, and a tropical island getaway is the best way to get all of these things and more. Imagine yourself miles away from every source of stress in your life–no cars honking in gridlocked traffic, no boss breathing down your neck, no tension and turmoil to speak of. […] More

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