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Trafalgar Tours 2011

There are many destinations on Earth where people would love to take vacations, but when asked where people would like to vacation, the place that most often tops the list of travel destinations is Europe.  Europe is stowed in history and lore, with civilization stretching back thousands of years.  Trafalgar Tours 2011 has a very special tour setup that takes visitors all throughout Western Europe, going through such world renowned countries as England, Germany, France, and even Italy.

Trafalgar Tours 2011

Touring the countries of Europe is a once in a lifetime opportunity that only a select few people get to experience during their lifetime. Using the tour from Trafalgar Tours 2011 means you can visit ten countries in total all throughout Europe, allowing you to see the sights and experience the visuals that make Europe one of the most historically rich areas in the world.  In addition to the famous countries you visit, you will also have a chance to visit some of the most famous and historically rich cities in the world. You will visit cities such a Venice, Rome, London, Paris, Berlin, Amsterdam, Pompeii, and many more.

The tour itself is a guided tour that takes place over the span of twenty-one days.  All transportation and food is provided, although it is certainly recommended to bring extra money so you can experience all of the traditional foods and cuisines that the European countries have to offer.

On the first day you will find yourself in London, and from there you will spend two nights sightseeing and getting

used to the English atmosphere. From London, you will then travel to Amsterdam and then to Rome where you will get

to see firsthand the mighty Coliseum as well as the Circus Maximus. From Amsterdam, you will spend the next sixteen or so days touring the rest of Europe, including Germany, France and Italy. You will also get to see the beauty of the Swiss Alps and the mighty architecture of Venice. After twenty-one days, you and your tour guide and group will have a farewell dinner in Paris and then travel back to the United States.

Touring Europe is a once in a lifetime opportunity, and by utilizing the tour put on by Trafalgar Tours 2011, you can tour Europe in all of its glory and majesty for only $4500. The twenty-one day trip will leave many memories and will give you stories to tell for many years to come.

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