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  • Freedom Of The Seas

    Enjoying the Freedom Of The Seas

    The Freedom Of The Seas is one of Royal Caribbean’s Freedom Class ships and it is perhaps as extravagant and impressive as any cruise ship currently sailing the seas along the coasts of the world’s great holidaymaking regions. There are enough activity areas for children to make sure that even the most hard-to-please youngsters are […]

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  • A Guide to Arctic Cruises

    The Arctic is a beautiful region that offers splendid views and wonderful adventure. If you are planning a cruise to the Arctic, there are a few things that you will need to keep in mind.

  • World Cruise

    How to Prepare for an Around the World Cruise

    You’ve been daydreaming about taking a cruise around the world for years. You’ve scrimped, saved and decided to take the metaphoric plunge and plan the adventure. Now that your dreams are realized, the reality of cruising might seem more like a logistical nightmare. Before you jump the gun and cancel your credit cards, find new […]

  • Top 10 Must See Cruise Destinations This Summer

    Leave your car in the driveway while you set sail, park your vehicle at the airport to board a flight, rent a set of wheels when you reach your next destination, or hit the road from home, but remember your fully comprehensive car insurance. Don’t let the unexpected put a damper on your vacation this […]

  • How to save money on a cruise

    How to save money on a cruise

    More and more people are choosing to cruise these days, but for those who don’t, one of the main reason why is that they seem to think that its very expensive. Although this may have been the case once upon a time, it certainly isn’t anymore. There are plenty of ways to keep costs down […]

  • The dress code is very formal

    Common Misconceptions of Cruising

    1.      Cruising is expensive This is the one that I hear most frequently. It’s true, there was a time when cruising was expensive, but those days are long gone. Today, these are cruise options to suit all budgets. One of the factors that people seem to forget is that when you book a cruise, you’re […]

  • Finding Cheap Cruises to Canada

    Finding Cheap Cruises to Canada

    Think of the word “cruise.” The odds are that the next words that came into your head after thinking “cruise” were either “the Caribbean” or “the Bahamas” – the cruise industry has practically all of North America convinced that the Caribbean or the Bahamas are the only worthwhile places to visit on a cruise. However, […]

  • The Many Advantages of Cruise Holidays

    Everyone deserves to have a break, to switch off from his or hers busy lifestyle and just relax and enjoy life. You can go on a vacation to your favorite beach destination, visit famous tourist spots in different cities, enjoy the food, go on a shopping spree or just enjoy the view. Would you believe […]

  • European Cruise

    5 Interesting European Cruise That You Should Not Miss

    Spain, Italy, or France, these are all destinations that fuel and stir all sorts of imaginations. Just imagine yourself visiting any of these amazing European cities floating on water, one destination after another, as you discover the rich and affluent architectural and cultural heritage that this Old Continent boasts. Whether you are after genuine relaxation […]