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A Guide to Arctic Cruises

arctic cruise

The Arctic is a beautiful region that offers splendid views and wonderful adventure. If you are planning a cruise to the Arctic, there are a few things that you will need to keep in mind.

You can of course, expect a bit of cold weather. Packing for an Arctic cruise is nothing like packing for a cruise to the Caribbean. That being said, here are a few tips that will help you to be prepared for your arctic journey:

  1. Pack warm clothing – You want to be sure that you have lots of layers of clothing. A thick jacket or sweater is nice but multiple layers are much better. A windproof jacket and even pants are also a good idea. This is a windy area so you may find the sea rising up to meet you a bit.
  2. Bring sunglasses – The glare from the ice and snow, not to mention the water, can be blinding. A good pair of sunglasses like this Gucci glasses is essential.
  3.  Have a bit of cash on hand – You will not need as much cash for an Arctic cruise as you would expect for a tropical cruise. There is nowhere for you to shop but you will want to be able to spend money in the ship’s gift shop for items that you may have forgotten to pack. You should also have a bit of cash for gratuities and drinks on the ship that are not covered in your fare.
  4.  Be prepared for motion sickness – The sea conditions throughout the Arctic can often be treacherous and are very unpredictable. If you have never cruised on rough waters before, or if you have never cruised at all, bringing along something for motion sickness is very important. The cruise ship will have a doctor on board and if you become severely ill this doctor can be very helpful. You can however, take along your own motion sickness medicine just to be on the safe side.
  5.  Bring your passport – Make sure that you have your passport available. Many countries require that you show your passport as well as your return air ticket before entering.
  6.  Plan your activities – Before you book your cruise, take a look at the activities that are offered by the cruise line. Once you reach the arctic you may want to take an excursion onshore if offered and see the splendid views for yourself. Check into these trips when you book your cruise so that you can be sure to pack whatever you need should you decide to embark on an arctic adventure.
  7.  Bring your camera – You certainly do not want to forget the camera when visiting the Arctic. You will want to take loads of pictures of the penguins, polar bears and other wildlife as well as the icebergs and snow covered region.
  8.  Book the Cruise – Keep in mind that cruise lines only sail to the Arctic from around the middle of November until the first of March. This is the summer season although temperatures are only going to be in the 40s at the very highest. You will need to plan for your holiday and book your cruise based on availability.
  9.  Call ahead – Call your cruise line to inquire about formal nights during your cruise so that you can pack for these events. You may also want to consider how long your cruise is going to last when packing so that you take along the appropriate amount of clothing.

Cruising to the Arctic is not what many people think about when they decide to take a cruise holiday but more than 30,000 each year cruise to the destination to take in the magnificence of the region.

The wildlife itself is a sight to behold and the region offers the largest selection of marine life in the entire world. Keep in mind that there are no beaches and palm trees on an Arctic cruise, however there are beautiful views of nature at its best.

As long as you pack appropriately and plan ahead, this can be the most exciting and adventurous holidays you have ever taken. Use the tips above to ensure that you are packing the right types of clothing and if you have any questions about your cruise in general, be sure that you contact your cruise line before your departure date. Remember that booking early often gets you a better rate.

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