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    Photographer Captures Breathtaking Scenes While Traveling the World

    Bulgarian photographer Nikolay Pandev says he prefers to let his photos do all the speaking for him, rather than “boring viewers with testimonials,” but he does explain that he loves to travel and enjoys life to the fullest. His passion seems to ooze through each and every image, revealing breathtaking scenes as he goes “beyond […] More

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    A Magical Tree Tunnel

    This magical tree tunnel is truly a place you should walk through at least once in your lifetime. Known as “The Dark Hedges,” if it looks familiar, that’s because it was used as a setting on the hit show “Game of Thrones” in season two, episode one, when on the King’s Road, Arya Stark escaped […] More

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    Breathtaking Islands You’ve Probably Never Heard Of

    Photo Credit: R. Ian Lloyd via Budget Travel It sometimes seems that the world is getting smaller and smaller – with the advent of the Internet, places you’ve never seen, at least in photos, are becoming increasingly rare. But there are still some breathtaking places on earth that, odds are, you’ve still never heard of, […] More

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    Breathtaking Glaciers You Should See Before They Disappear

    Glaciers form over many years, often centuries, and only on land, whereas icebergs float on the water. Together they hold most of the earth’s fresh waters, but many glaciers are disappearing. As the planet’s ice is rapidly melting, with glaciologists predicting that some of the world’s glaciers will be entirely gone within the next two […] More

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    Breathtaking Photos Capture China’s Incredible Beauty

    Over the summer,  Chicago-based travel photographer Ken Koskela spent 17 days in China, where he captured a stunning mix of environmental portraits and awe-inspiring landscapes that highlight the rich beauty and culture of this Asian nation. The artist did a spectacular job of capturing China’s incredible beauty. More

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    Most Breathtaking Waterfalls in Iceland

    Iceland is home to some of the most breathtaking waterfalls on the planet. If you’re fortunate enough to visit this beautiful country, you won’t want to miss these falls, including Seljalandsfoss. Visitors can walk right behind its cascading waters – and, if they’re very fortunate, they may even get treated to a spectacular natural light […] More

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    Amazing Images of Norway Fjords from the Unique Perspective of a Kayaker

    Adventure photographer Tomasz Furmanek captures some of the world’s most spectacular natural beauty in the world, right from his kayak. The Poland-born photographer has shot gorgeous images from the Lofoten Islands to the especially tranquil Sotra, and for the past three years, he’s been snapping amazing images of Norway fjords and waterways. More

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    Bored of beach filled brochures and mass market package holidays?  Then maybe it’s time to seek out travel destinations that promise new adventures and unseen vistas.  There are still a few curious cities, isolated islands and cloistered countries that have managed to escape the crowds, here are our top five… More

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    Famous Fountains In The World

    No matter the culture, water fountains can be seen as a source of vitality, inspiration, and the ebb and flow of our daily existence. All over the world, fountains have been established for a plethora of reasons and stand as reflections of the people and culture of their geographical location. Some fountains hold world records, […] More