Breathtaking Photos Capture China’s Incredible Beauty

Breathtaking Photos Capture China’s Incredible Beauty

Over the summer,  Chicago-based travel photographer Ken Koskela spent 17 days in China, where he captured a stunning mix of environmental portraits and awe-inspiring landscapes that highlight the rich beauty and culture of this Asian nation. The artist did a spectacular job of capturing China’s incredible beauty.

As My Modern Met revealed, Koskela presents “both a macro and micro view of China’s countryside, narrowing in from all-encompassing vistas to eye-catching locals in rural villages. Shot with an emphasis on superb light, the photographer’s breathtaking images share the stories of individuals and their surrounding environments in a stunning and evocative way.”

Koskela explained to the site the reason behind his stunning photos of China. He noted: “I have a weakness for travel photography. It doesn’t take much to convince me to go to an amazing photographic location. The trip to China started with seeing a single image taken in Xiapu by a good friend of mine, Steve Chong. Seeing that image led to some Google searches and a quick decision that I needed to photograph there. But China is a long flight, so I convinced myself that it also made sense to go back to Guilin to capture some of the iconic locations there, such as the rice terraces, Li River, and the karst mountains.” You can learn more on how to take breathtaking photographs by visiting the Illuminate Photography website.

The 17-day trip resulted in a multitude of beautiful images. “This trip to China,” he said, “was the most challenging and photographically rewarding trip to date. Because I was shooting landscapes at sunrise and sunset, as well as portraits in the afternoon, I averaged about 4 hours of sleep a night for 17 days. Needless to say, it took me a couple weeks to recover.”

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