Famous Fountains In The World

No matter the culture, water fountains can be seen as a source of vitality, inspiration, and the ebb and flow of our daily existence. All over the world, fountains have been established for a plethora of reasons and stand as reflections of the people and culture of their geographical location. Some fountains hold world records, such as King Fahd’s Fountain in Saudi Arabia being awarded the World’s Tallest Fountain. Some fountains are deeply rooted in their respective country’s history, such as the People’s Friendship Fountain in Russia. Other clocks just want to remind us of the time, such as the Kanazawa Station Fountain Clock in Japan. In any case, fountains provide an unmatched beauty that should be on any traveler’s itinerary.

This infographic below, featuring facts provided by LuxeWaterWalls, details several fountains worth mentioning. Check them all out below and see which ones you’ve been to, which ones you’ve never even heard of, and which ones are now on your must-see list!

Amber Kingsley is a traveler, researcher, writer and designer who enjoys studying culture and liberal arts. She hopes you enjoy this infographic and encourages you to check out all of these wonderful sites!

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