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Top 10 Reasons to Plan a Luxury Tour of Japan

Japan is a fascinating and historic country to visit. There are a multitude of reason to plan a luxury tour of Japan; the people, the landscape, the food and the history are just a few.

1. Staying in Japan means being able to choose from a Western luxury hotel, a ryokan (a traditional Japanese inn), a minshuku (family run bed and breakfast), or even lodging at a temple.

2. When visiting a country like Japan, the culture and language are quite different from Western culture, making for a fascinating luxury tour. Having a local guide who understands the culture can provide a bridge to the fascinating Eastern philosophy that makes Japan so enchanting.

3. Japan has a rich history of art, formal tea ceremonies and theater. A luxury tour can introduce you to the special Japanese events such as being invited into an artisan’s studio, or to a home for a tea ceremony. You may also be able to get tickets to exclusive Japanese theater or cultural events.

4. Japan boasts some of the most incredible Eastern architecture in the world. The many temples in Kyoto are a must-see for those who are interested in Japanese architecture.

5. If you are an avid gardener then Japan is a place to see exquisite Japanese gardens. Planted gardens are enhanced by water features, trees, and plants to create specific environments. A Zen rock garden is a special treat with its raked stones, moss covered boulders and stone walls all combining to create a peaceful experience.

7. Enjoy fine meals. Japan is famous for fine cuisine. The art of sushi is best experienced where it was created. Watching a sushi chef create this culinary art like the way they do sushi catering is a great way to spend an evening. Other food such simple noodle dishes, tempura, kobe beef and the many famous dishes of Japan should all be part of a luxury tour.

8. Japan is a very pleasant place to visit. The Japanese are a meticulous people so the places you visit are very clean. You will feel safe since crime rates are very low. The public transit system is efficient and always on time. Japanese people pride themselves on their courteous manner and hospitality.

9. Japan has a variety of amazing scenery including mountains, beaches and natural hot springs. It is also interesting to visit Japan during different seasons when the scenery changes.

10. Shopping in Japan can be a fun part of your luxury tour. Shopping experiences range from the discounted prices at trendy designer outlets to the local markets. Local festivals can also be a place for great souvenirs.

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