How to Save Money on Must-Have Clothing for a Tropical Vacation

Frigate Island

Vacation is a time for leisure, rest, relaxation, and a tropical island getaway is the best way to get all of these things and more. Imagine yourself miles away from every source of stress in your life–no cars honking in gridlocked traffic, no boss breathing down your neck, no tension and turmoil to speak of. With your feet buried in the sand, and a frosty tropical drink at your side, fun in the sun prevails and your worries vanish into thin air, white sand, and crystal clear water. Before you set off for your tropical getaway, follow these tips to save money on the must-have clothing for your trip.

One of the many perks of a tropical vacation is that you barely need any clothing at all, compared to most places. Imagine traveling to Paris in the middle of winter–without your best coats, scarves, boots, gloves, and other necessities, you’d be positively miserable. In the tropics, you don’t need much to be comfortable, but the clothes can still cost a pretty penny. You can save significantly by buying locally in the off season. Clothing stores in temperate cities will be trying to move their summer time clothing and accessories in the fall, so this is the best time to go shopping for your vacation.

Whenever possible, avoid the name brand stores. You may think that buying a swimsuit from that brand’s own store would be less expensive, but this is usually the opposite of reality. Name brand retailers mark up their products significantly. You can get much better deals buy going to outlet stores and overstock retailers for your shopping needs. Places like Marshall’s, TJ Maxx, and others often get their products at a heavy discount when manufacturers and other retailers have an overflow of product. You can get, literally, the same clothing at a fraction of the cost.

Try revamping your old clothes as well. There’s no reason to go out and buy a whole new wardrobe every year when you have a closet full of perfectly good clothes already. Take a look through last year’s clothing and you’ll likely find things you haven’t even worn. Don’t worry about wearing outdated styles–today’s “out” is tomorrow’s “vintage”. Use these and other pieces from your already established wardrobe and dress them up with new accessories to give yourself a whole new look without spending a fortune. A little creativity can go a long way in extending the life of your wardrobe.

Try shopping online and make good use of coupons and special offers. Find deals on popular websites and look for more information about the promotional codes so that you can save big on everything from retail price to shipping. Online shopping is taking the world by storm for a reason–it’s convenient and the deals are unparalleled. Shopping online for your tropical vacation clothing can save you more than you’d imagine, so don’t sleep on these incredible deals.


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