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    Travel Insurance – A Must for Family Holidays

    Due to various options and types, buying travel insurance can be quite overwhelming at times. In fact, due to the complexities in choosing the best travel insurance policy, many don’t even bother to buy one before their holidays. In any case, it is not proper to ignore the risks involved at a distant place, and […]

  • Travel Medical Insurance

    Travel Medical Insurance – Dare to Travel without it?

    It’s been said time and time again: “I don’t need traveller’s insurance,” “I’ll just be extra careful,” and the infamous “what’s the worst that could happen?” Well, ask that to 24-year-old Canadian Anna Leibenko, the former Toronto Argos cheerleader who was left fighting for her life in a Croatian hospital after slipping off a boat, […]

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    Health and Travel Insurance: Why You Need it for Trips Abroad

    Before you complete your adventurous travel plans, make sure you have a clear understanding on obtaining adequate health and travel insurance. Hopefully, you will not ever have to use the insurance but getting these plans in place is a big factor you have to consider. There is no doubt about it, going abroad can be […]

  • Creating a holiday budget

    If you’re really looking forward to getting out of the country and getting away from the hubbub of your everyday life but worried about how much you’re likely to spend, then why not create yourself a handy holiday budget before you go away on your travels? A regular travel budget would include factors such as […]

  • Complete guide to travel insurance

    Complete guide to travel insurance

    What is travel insurance? Insurance that is intended to cover expenses and eventualities whilst abroad. Commonly, it will cover medical expenses, personal belongings, legal costs and for a multitude of other things – travel insurance policies differ depending on the provider, the amount you pay and the cover you seek.

  • 5 Reasons Travel Insurance Is An Essential Holiday Expense

    5 Reasons Travel Insurance Is An Essential Holiday Expense

    Going on a trip overseas is a time of great enjoyment and personal growth. In contemplating all the wonderful experiences you are about to have, it’s easy to overlook the dangers you could encounter as a stranger in a foreign country. Being a tourist does not shield you from the potential for injury, loss, or […]

  • How to Insure Your Business Trip

    How to Insure Your Business Trip

    How to Insure Your Business Trip There are many things that should be taken into consideration if a business trip is in your near future. Travel insurance is one of them and its importance is often overlooked. That said, insuring your business trip is one of the wisest things you can do to ensure your […]

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    5 Travel Insurance Policies to Consider

    Whether you’re going on a business trip or the vacation of a lifetime, it would be a good idea to seriously consider taking out a travel insurance policy. Going on the theory that you can never be too careful, and that whatever can go wrong will at some point, you would be well advised to […]

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    Staycationing this year – are you covered?

    The trend of the staycation in the UK is more popular than ever. And it’s hardly surprising, not only are people finding they might be shorter on disposable income than previous years but the UK also has an increasing number of fantastic attractions on offer. Britain enjoyed a renewed sense of national pride during the […]