5 Reasons It Pays to Purchase Travel Insurance

5 Reasons It Pays to Purchase Travel Insurance

Many people don’t even know that travel insurance is an option. Only about 30% of people purchase traveler’s insurance before they embark on a trip. It is important to realize that no one is spared from the hiccups that come along with getting away – you must always be prepared for at least one thing going wrong. Most people who buy travel insurance have done so because one of the many things that can go wrong has happened to them before and they want to better protect themselves in the future, however do you know what does travel insurance cover?. Whether it’s a small hiccup or a life threatening injury, when you are away on vacation you don’t want to be faced with financial consequences that could have been avoided. Here are 5 reasons it pays to purchase travel insurance.

  1. Up to 50% of travelers will get sick at some point on their vacation. It can be minor or severe, but being left without travelers insurance will leave you having to pay for your medical care out of pocket. Most of the time this can be hugely expensive, depending on the care you need. A lot of travelers aren’t aware that you can get specific traveler’s insurance just for medical care, which accounts for these kind of scenarios and provides you with 24-hour hotlines so you can find the best place to seek care.
  2. Another big reason why it pays to have travel insurance is because you can never foresee a plane cancellation or a change in your itinerary. Whether it’s your fault or the airline’s fault, many travelers’ insurance policies will cover cancellation and change of flight fees.
  3. Travelers insurance is also great back up if your luggage is lost or destroyed. No traveler wants to show up at their destination and be the last person standing at the baggage claim, only to learn that their luggage was lost, stolen, or damaged.
  4. You can also receive coverage in the rare case that the country that you visit goes to war. If a political revolution or quagmire breaks out in your next travel destination, you could possibly have most or all of your travel expenses covered, including flights, transportation and hotels.
  5. Most of all, traveler insurance will allow you to breathe easy and have a restful vacation. Having all your bases covered will allow you to stop worrying about that thing you worry about the most: money.

So, when you are searching for things like the lowest life insurance rates, it might be smart to plan ahead and search for travelers’ insurance rates as well. Most people don’t even know about what types traveler’s insurance policies are available and what type of scenarios they can cover. More than that, studies have shown that a substantial number of people are unprepared for the catastrophes – from sever to minor – that can happen while you are traveling. From your health, to your possessions, and the unforeseen circumstances that can throw a wrench into your travel plans, it always pays to purchase traveler’s insurance.


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