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Fiji – The Perfect Winter Escape

Fiji – The Perfect Winter Escape

Fiji provides the perfect holiday for everyone. Whether you are taking the family to stay at one of their child-friendly resorts by the beach or spending your honeymoon on this romantic island you will be able to replenish your batteries and come back home rejuvenated.

Probably a good time to visit from a weather perspective is during what is called the “Fijian winter” that runs from May to October. During this period the temperatures are milder with a minimum of 21C to a maximum of 27C with less humidity and rainfall and there is less chance of getting caught in a cyclone.

Flights from New Zealand take three to four hours so it is an easy journey to the international airport in Nadi on the main island. Airport transfers are best made in either private cars or coaches but if you are travelling to one of the outlying islands you will then need to travel by sea or a local domestic flight.

When packing for your holiday take shorts, light clothing, t-shirts, sandals, swimwear and some smart casual attire for dinner. You may also need some light jackets for breezy nights.

You will no doubt be buying a few things so take some Fijian dollars with you. However, major credit cards are also accepted in most places.

There are so many things to see and do in Fiji such as enjoying watching (and taking part in) the traditional Fijian dance called meke or a boat trip passing through the mangrove forests.

There are numerous water based activities such as scuba diving at Rainbow Reef or Beqa Lagoon, surfing the waves off Viti Levu, swimming, sailing, kayaking, water boarding, snorkelling and fishing.

If you are looking for something more sedate try the hot springs and mud baths or the Garden of the Sleeping Giant containing delightful flowering plants. However, most of all, enjoy the endless beaches.


The health services in Fiji are adequate but serious medical cases may have to be flown to Australia and New Zealand. Therefore, it is very important that you have arranged adequate travel insurance in NZ before travelling. One of the best ways of doing this is by arranging travel insurance online, whether you are insuring your family, arranging seniors travel insurance or cheap travel insurance.

With this in mind, why not book a trip to Fiji this summer to enjoy the majesty and laid back attitude of this wonderful destination.

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