Get extra holiday cash by saving money on your touring caravan insurance

If you are a keen caravanner about to head off on your holidays, it may make sense to review your touring caravan insurance cover before you go. This is for two reasons – firstly to make sure that your insurance is adequate enough for your trip. And, secondly, by checking to see whether your cover is as cost-effective as it could be. If it isn’t as cost-effective as other policies out there, swapping caravan cover providers could see you with a little extra holiday spending cash!
When reviewing your tourer or motorhome insurance, you may wish to consider things pertinent to your holiday such as:
• are there any restrictions if you take your tourer abroad?
• is there any provision for caravan breakdown cover?
• if something happens to your tourer or motorhome, is alternative accommodation provided?
These are just some ideas as to what may important for you to review.

Now, on the fun bit – cutting costs! So, how can you cut the cost of your touring caravan insurance without compromising on the cover? These top five tips may show you just how much you may be able to save…
1. compare tourer insurance online – comparing policies allow you to not only choose the policy that has the most attractive price for the cover required, but also means you can compare policy features and benefits. It is worth noting that some providers will offer more enhanced policy features and benefits than others;
2. if you are a member of a recognised caravanning organisation, such as the Caravan Club, some providers will offer you a discount on your premiums, as being a member shows that you are a responsible and serious caravanner;
3. some policies may contain clauses and options that may allow you to reduce your cost by taking steps to reduce your risk (e.g. using enhanced security devices to protect your caravan and its contents);
4. if you store your caravan in a secure location during the winter months, this may be well-received by the insurance providers and may result in more attractive premiums – you may even be able to achieve a cost reduction if you agree to garage or otherwise store it off-road, when not in use;
5. make sure that your touring caravan insurance quote is accurate in terms of how little or much mileage you intend to do and whether continental cover is required. For example, if you never take your caravan out of the UK, a policy that includes this cover means you could end up paying for protection you do not need.
We hope these top tips have given you some food for thought on how to get the most cost-effective and suitable touring caravan insurance – and that now you have a little extra cash to spend on your holiday!

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