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Thailand Honeymoon

Why Thailand honeymoon?

A honeymoon can be a celebration of the love shared between a couple who’ve committed themselves to one another; the journey therefore becomes extra time from the ceremony of marriage itself and the signal of a new life together. As one of the most significant holiday you’ll ever enjoy it becomes increasingly vital that you ensure a thrilling and passionate experience that will be treasure d within the memory for several years to come.

thailand honeymoon

Thailand represents the perfect destination to begin the experience of life together by encapsulating all the mystery and wonder of South East Asia combined with luxury and magnificence of any of the world’s finest resorts. Few other countries can boast Thailand’s incredible history and diverse culture as well as it’s absolutely breath taking geography. Travelling through Thailand feels more like travelling through several smaller countries at once, each region displaying its own proud traditions and identity. The elements will work for most of the year with refreshing wet seasons from May to September towards the south West but sunshine guaranteed for most of the region throughout every season, the weather conditions are particularly good in January offering winter honeymooners the perfect selection of location to get away from the cold and rain.

To the south may be the long serpentine stretch of the nation bordered on both flanks by the Gulf of  Thailand and the Andaman Sea promising spectacular beaches and scenery. As you venture further towards the capital of Bangkok, Thailand blossoms right into a vast landscape spreading as much as the mountainous parts of the north, and east towards Laos. Across this ranging backdrop is incredibly diverse layout of sandy beaches, jungles and forest locations, mountains, hillside villages and bustling metropolitan cities. The different options are your honeymoon using the nice and cozy waters that surround the idyllic islands of Koh Phi Phi, Koh Samui, Koh Pha Ngan or Ko Tao or experience the hustle and bustle of busy Phuket that has become a glamorous location for visitors to Thailand. The islands, despite their isolated locale have grown to be premium resort destinations and therefore you can have the seclusion and privacy of island living with all of the luxuries that are offered about the mainland.

For individuals who seek a more lively honeymoon there aren’t any end of activities to keep yourself occupied with, from snorkelling and diving to boat trips, or else you can rent a car and go through the areas for yourself. The nightlife can range from extravagant street parades in larger they resort to very intimate entertainments in the beachside hideaways as well as for those food lovers the Thai cuisine is something that has got to be experienced to be believed, delicious fresh fish, vegetables herbs and spices are sufficient to create the mouth water.

Populated by friendly and warming people Thailand is really a terrific spot for a honeymoon anytime of the year. Few places have such beauty, diversity and accommodating people. The culture includes a fantastic mixture of traditional values and modern spirit.

Popular Thailand Honeymoon Destinations 

Thailand has long been considered as a tourists’ mecca ever since the backpacking community discovered Thailand. The “Land of Smiles” landed itself as one of the top ten travel destinations and majority of those tourists are newlywed couples. It is not really a surprise for Thailand’s rich and exotic culture, sceneries, food and shopping are legendary. A honeymoon in Thailand is surely a great way to start a life of wedded bliss. Surely when you get home you’ll crave Thai food, visit the biggest asian grocery store to buy your favorite dishes.

Where do you go on a honeymoon in Thailand?



Flying to Thailand via Bangkok is a great idea. Spending a night or two in the capital city is a great way to start your Thailand honeymoon. Bangkok is a throbbing and pulsating city where you could treat yourselves to street food (if you are daring enough) or enjoy Thai food in authentic restaurants. The vibrant nightlife in Bangkok is a must experience. There is a club to suite anyone’s needs. Shopping in Bangkok is unbelievable! Whatever it is you are looking for, it is available in Bangkok.

The historic and beautiful temples in Bangkok should not be missed. The floating market of Damnoen Saduak is a wonderful cacophony of human ding as vendors try to outdo one another in selling their wares. It would be a unique experience to try the food cooked on the spot in these boats. A Bangkok experience is has a degree of immersion in Thai culture.

The Beaches of Thailand

The beautiful beaches of Thailand are the true destinations of honeymooners in Thailand. Though a cultural and historical immersion of Thailand is an amazing experience, most honeymooners just want to unwind, relax and have fun in the beaches of Thailand.

Hua Hin is faces the Gulf of Thailand. It is a favorite spot for newlyweds because it is in the oldest beach resort town in all of Thailand. It was a quiet fishing village that King Rama VII discovered sometime in the 1920s. The King loved the place so much he built a Royal Summer Palace in Hua Hin. The rest of the royalties and nobilities followed suit that Hua Hin boosts of some of the most spectacular summer palaces in Thailand.

The PhiPhi Island is some miles off from Phuket in the Andaman Sea. It has become a very popular destination when the island was used as a backdrop for two Hollywood movies.

Koh Tao is the diving capital of Thailand. It used to be a prison island but hardy backpackers stumbled on the island and right then and there took root to establish the first crude resorts in Koh Tao.

The largest island in Thailand and the most popular destination at that for honeymooners is the island of Phuket. There are several great beaches in Phuket and they are: Patong Beach, Kamala Beach, Karon Beach, Bangtao Beach and Kata Beach. All of these beaches offer fun, sand and sun but each beach has a different ambiance to offer. There is a beach to suit everyone’s needs. A must-see for honeymooners is the Phuket FantaSea show and the Simon Cabaret Show for a little bit of Las Vegas in Phuket.

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