5 Rocking Destinations for a Top Lad’s Holiday

When the top vacation destinations for a lad are discussed, it seems that the Asian destinations always rank in the top. This is really not surprising. The Asian culture, the great climate, beautiful beaches and the variety of entertainment available to the adventurous lad is unsurpassed. That includes, of course, the sultry Asian women. Let us look at some of the top destinations.

Bangkok, Thailand

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For the lad that enjoys the bustle of a big city, Bangkok is the place to visit. Delicious Thai cuisine is available at several small restaurants where a single lad is often seated by the staff at a table next to single lady. As darkness falls, make sure to visit Patpong. This is the city’s nightlife district where cheap beer, a multitude of bars, and uncountable numbers of beautiful, sexy girls are available. The parties go on until sunrise here.

Koh Phangan, Thailand

koh phangan
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If the travel destination is solely for the purpose of sex, drink and beaches, this island is the perfect place. There are many hidden places where a lad can enjoy a little romp with a cute Thai lady. The all-night parties have made the place famous. Every month, a six-day Full Moon Party attracts around 10,000 people, mostly Thai women looking for an experience with a foreigner.
Angeles City, Philippines

Angeles City, Philippines

There are no beaches to be found here, but beautiful Filipina women can be found everywhere. Angeles City is well-known for the many go-go bars featuring topless dancers and sexy shows. The drinks are cheap, the ladies are eager to please, and most will accompany the interested lad to his hotel room after a “bar fine” has been paid. There are around 100 venues of this type in the city. Do not get involved with any of the street walkers. They are known for often having a male companion around the corner ready to relieve a lad of any valuables.
South Beach, Miami, Florida

South Beach, Miami, Florida
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The famous South Beach can be compared to any tropical resort, but the atmosphere is quite different. Here, a lad can become beach bum, playing some beach volleyball or inspecting the topless beauties sunbathing on the beach. Most nightclubs feature all-night parties, and it is possible get close to some celebrities. South Beach is full of uninhibited women, many of Hispanic or Latino background. The place is somewhat expensive, but you get what you pay for.


Malaga, Spain

Malaga, Spain
For the lad in search of adventurous nights in the company of beautiful women, this is the best place in Europe ad with cheap flights to Malaga coming in at around £80 return to can get there for super cheap and super quick. Although this vacation spot has historic monuments and nice beaches, it seems that sex and parties are the top reasons for a visit. Be aware, that what is called a night club in most parts of the world has a different meaning in Malaga. Drinks are of course available, but girls are the main dish on the menu. And they come in all types, East Europeans, Africans and Oriental, many choices for the vacationing lad.


A lads holiday is a right of passage and these places will give you real hardcore memories to keep your friendship bods strong. What goes on, on the trip stays

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