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Spring Break or Bust! 3 Can’t Miss Vacations for Spring

spring break destinations

Are you gearing up for spring break? If you’re a college student, spring break can be the best week of your year! The world is your oyster when it comes to fabulous spring break destinations. You’ll want to choose one that offers a variety of entertaining activities and offers all of the excitement that you’re looking for. Here are the top three spring break destinations for 2012:
Cancun, Mexico

Many people consider Cancun to be incredibly similar to Las Vegas. With the pulsing night life and virtually endless list of things to do, Cancun is a top spring break destination year after year. If you’re considering a trip south of the border, Cancun is a definite can’t miss.

During the day, you can spend time on the beach, entering contests along the strip or hopping from pool to pool looking for the hottest party. In the evening, head back to your hotel for a quick shower and a change of clothes before you head out to experience the night life of this amazing city.

Whether you want to rub elbows with the rich and famous or slip down a water slide, there’s a night club for you. Be sure to put a bit of extra cash in your wallet because cover charges can vary greatly from one night club to the next. You’ll also want to check out  the strippers brisbane. You can reasonably expect to pay between $30 and $60 to get in the door!


The island of Jamaica is quickly becoming more popular among spring breakers. Head to Jamaica this year and you can still avoid the crowds found at other popular destinations. As the island continues to grow in popularity, this may be your last chance for an incredibly chilled spring break in an amazing country.

If you’ve chosen Jamaica as your spring break destination, head to the city of Negril. Negril offers stunning scenery and a laid-back way of life that may be just what you need to clear your head after finals! The city offers spring breakers to tailor their vacations to their individual desires. You can tour the city at a leisurely pace or you can take part in a wild poolside party. No matter how you choose to spend your days, it’s at night that the city really comes to life.

Negril Time

Open-air bars are a staple of Jamaica. Rather than being cooped up in a crowded building, dance the night away along the shore at any one of the amazing night clubs in the city. Do you feel like jumping on a water trampoline? Then head to Margarita Ville! If you want to dance the night away, walk over to The Jungle where last call isn’t until 6 am.


Spring Break at Panama City 096
If you’d prefer to stay stateside, Florida is, and has always been, the top destination for spring breakers within the borders of the United States. If you’re traveling to Florida for spring break, there’s no other destination like Panama City! This incredibly city has it all: bars, clubs, concerts and student-friendly hotels.

Why is it important to stay in a student-friendly hotel? Because you won’t have to worry about management knocking on your door trying to cut your party short! Panama City has been hosting spring break for decades and knows how to treat its guests. Whether you’re looking for a budget-friendly hotel room or a luxury condo, you’ll find it in this amazing city.

Spring Break in Panama City Beach

Day time in Panama City is absolutely ridiculous! With DJ’s, music and the hottest parties, you’ll find that there’s no limit to the things you can do while the sun is out. Soak up the sun while dancing in the sand at any one of the many beach parties along the strip. Take part in a contest or cheer on your favorite competitors and then get changed for your night on the town!

Cover charges for clubs in the city range from $20 to $60, so be sure to bring along enough cash. With the hottest DJ’s in the state, Panama City clubs are always wild! You have to be 21 to drink in the clubs but only 18 to get in the door and, no matter what your age, you must dress to impress. Leave the bikini on your bed and throw on your swankiest outfit if you hope to gain entry into the hottest clubs!

Spring break can be all that you want it to be! Whether you’re looking for a relaxed vacation or a non-stop party, these three cities offer both. Choosing among these destinations guarantees that you’ll have a spring break experience for the record books!

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