Tips to Plan a Luxury Vacation at Any Price Point

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Finding the money for a luxury vacation can be a serious challenge! If you think that your budget won’t allow for a vacation this year, try to come up with some creative ways to allow for an incredible trip that can fit within your means. Luxury vacations don’t need to be ones that break the bank. Here are some helpful tips that will help you to plan a luxury vacation without stressing your finances.

Avoid Peak Season Trips

The most expensive vacations will be the ones that take place in the busiest destinations and during the busiest times of year. Avoid July vacations in coastal beach towns or New York City for New Year’s Eve. Instead try to visit specific destinations which will be slow at certain times of year. By visiting locations during off peak times, you can expect to pay less when it comes to hotels, restaurants, shopping and more.

Prioritize Your Expenses

Think long and hard about what aspects of your vacation you want to be truly luxurious. Prioritize those certain areas of the trip and choose only the best. This might apply to dining in upscale restaurants, visiting a handful of expensive amusement parks with your family or indulging in business class travel along the way. Just make sure that you cutback in other areas to compensate for the luxury expenditures you desire.

Be Flexible With Travel

If you have to stick to specific times and dates for your travel, you can expect to pay slightly more in the long run. Flexibility will allow you to choose the cheapest flights and hotel rooms. Traveling or staying in hotels during the middle of the week will almost always be more affordable than the same services and accommodations over the weekend. Flexibility can really assist you when trying to save money, yet still permit you to enjoy the finer aspects of a luxury vacation.

Choose Private Rentals Over Hotels

The right accommodation option is vital when it comes to a luxury vacation. Upscale hotels and resorts are often incredibly expensive and out of reach for more than a night or two. If you are planning on enjoying a vacation for a week or more, consider choosing private vacation rentals for your stay. Private rentals often offer luxury and privacy without being too expensive. They also provide you a fully equipped kitchen to prepare and cook your own meals for far less than eating out daily in expensive restaurants.

Live Like The Locals

In even the areas with high tourism, the locals are able to get by for far less than those on vacation. Ask around to find out which budget accommodations, restaurants, shops and entertainment are preferred by local residents. This method provides you the cultural attractions of a new destination without blowing their budget on unnecessary expenses.

Stay Close To Home

Sometimes the most affordable luxury vacations and can be enjoyed just a few hours from home. As locals, it’s easy to overlook what your region has to offer. Take time to experience something new and at the same time you’ll receive a greater appreciation for you locale. If you happen to live in a town that caters to tourist, e.g. California and all their various theme parks, ask for a local’s discount, which is common practice in such areas. You might also want to consider spending your vacation in Luxury residential homes.

These tips can help travelers to plan a luxury vacation on a limited budget. Even those with a limited amount to spend can enjoy wonderful trips with friends and family. If you’ve been wanting to break away from the daily grind, now you can without worry.

Andrew Greene is a freelance writer and blogs for where he goes when he needs cash loans.

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