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5 Top Travel Tips For 2012

Travel Tips

We don’t take enough vacations in our current world, but with a few top travel tips for 2012, you should be able to take the vacation you deserve this year. Part of the reason we don’t travel more, is because of the high cost of taking trips by car or airplane. However, there are ways to stay within your budget and take the trip you want to go on.

Discovering the best ways to travel along with the best times of the year to travel is the key to getting what you need out of your vacation. Whether you are trying to take a family vacation, a second honeymoon, or just a relaxing vacation to get away from the regular world, you can use these five tips to help.


The Top Travel Tips for 2012 for Your Travel Needs


1. Set a Budget

Set a Budget

The first tip is to set up your travel budget now. Instead of waiting until a few months before you are going to travel, set up your budget now and start saving. Even putting $100 a month aside for travel can make a huge difference when the time comes to take a trip.

2. Check your Options Early

booking early

When you plan to fly, you have to understand that some airlines will give you a discount for booking early, but others it is for last minute tickets. Check your options early and if there is a good option out there, then you can book part of your travel early and the rest later. Keeping your eye on a cruise package, airline tickets, or another part of your travel package, will give you the ability to save money on your travel in 2012.

3. Look for Close by Trips

Close by Trips

We overlook some of the places that are near us and the top travel tip for 2012 is to look into the locations within 4 to 5 hours from where you live. You may be surprised what you have almost right in your backyard. This is a great way to save on gas and take a quick four or five day trip instead of a longer and more expensive trip.

4. Take a Last Minute Cruise

Last Minute Cruise

If you have the ability to drive to a cruise port and you can travel last minute, then wait until a month before a cruise leaves and book your trip. This will allow you to take a very nice trip to some great destinations for a very cheap price. Last minute cruises are usually very cheap and they can help you take a great vacation for cheap.

5. Consider all Your Options


Sometimes it is cheaper to fly into a larger airport and rent a car to drive to your destination and other times it is cheaper to fly into the smaller airports and take the train. There are many travel options out there and you need to look into all of them before you book your trip. This can help you find the right option for your budget.


Final Thoughts About the Top Travel Tips for 2012

 gas prices

With gas prices still way too high and travel getting more expensive, you may have to get creative. Don’t be afraid to look into many different options and even consider doing something like a house swap or something else that will allow you to save money. Camping is another good option for saving money and you can look into many different options if you really get creative.

Take your time planning your travel budget and figure out what type of trip you can afford. If you have the ability to take more than one trip, then do exactly that, even if they are just destinations near you. It is amazing what you can come up with if you use all the top travel tips for 2012.

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