Ten Most Innovative Travel Websites of 2011

Travel Websites of 2011

When people choose to travel to a destination they have never been to, they want to know everything there is to do. While most people pick up a travel guide at a local book store, more people are finding a number of innovate websites that allow them to have the adventure of a lifetime through intelligent decisions, open planning, and the ability to get you wherever you want to go at the cheapest price possible. is an original airfare prediction website like you have never seen before. uses statistical models to inform people if they should buy their flight now or wait. It shows how much a price will raise or drop and is correct approximately 75 percent of the time to the penny. While they only offer information on domestic flights currently, they are looking to eventually expand internationally. is an independent travel magazine featuring funny and quirky travel articles and fun destination ideas that provide travels with a refreshing outlook on travel writing. realizes that there are a number of reasons for traveling and it caters to traveling newbies and seasoned nomads. Articles include topics like how to properly pack bags and even what books are great for the destination. is a peer to peer car rental website in Australia that is revolutionizing the car rental industry. Want to rent a BMW for 80% less than at your traditional car rental agency? This websites makes it all possible. Offering over 40 car makes across short & long term periods, the company fills a gap in the market not currently serviced by the car rental or automotive leasing sector. Peer to peer car sharing also benefits the car owner as they can make money from their second biggest asset with the peace of mind that the car is fully insured. is more directed toward younger world travelers. This website provides information on cheap, independent, and authentic things that can be done at any given destination. Select the city and then look over all the proposed activities. When you click on the activity, you are provided with pictures, a map, and reviews from others who have been there. If you find something new in a city, you are free to add your own discoveries and let others know what else they should see. is the best place to go when looking for a great deal. The website researches numerous online deals every day, tests them out and evaluates just how good they are. They promise to deliver valuable, accurate information to individuals in regards to traveling. You can sign up to receive their Top 20 Newsletter to get all the current information and also check out their section that offers the best in late minute deals. provides people with the versatility they need to plan their next trip. You can share and explore other trips and rate them. You are able to participate in discussions about various travel experiences and find great deals based on the destination and the size of the group traveling. Other groups post their travels and you can then plan yours based on those who have done a similar trip., just like its sister website Wikipedia, is a database filled with great travel guides with information provided by those individuals who have been there. It is a great place to start planning your next adventure as you can search through thousands of destinations. When you type in a destination, you get some information about the area itself, big cities, points to understand, how to get to the country, how to get around, and what to see, do and buy. Because it is a part of Wikipedia, you can click on a link of a attraction or city and read about it on Wikipedia to gain more information. provides you with the ability to select the individual you would like sitting next to you on your flight. It could be anyone from someone related to your industry, a person also visiting for fun, or even someone you think is cute. Some people have the best conversations with their fellow passenger. Rather than having an uncomfortable flight sitting next to someone you do not want, try and there will be no surprises, just a great flight. is actually the first video-based guide to hotels in the United States and around the world. It is a great way to select a hotel before traveling. Hotel websites always say what they want people to hear, but you could end up visiting the hotel and it is nothing like what was written. It is a great way to view an entire room of a hotel before booking. offers top quality, professional travel guide videos for destinations around the world. works alongside hosts and local tour guides to create a high production value video that will reflect the personality and flavor of the area. All the videos are not only interesting, but reliable.

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