Keeping Busy During Travel Downtime


A long train, car or plane trip can seem like an eternity, especially when the trip is much anticipated. So, how do you avoid getting bored and make your trip more enjoyable? The following smart tips are meant to guide you on how to keep yourself occupied during the whole trip:

1. Read

There is no better time to read the best werewolf stories or a newspaper than when you are taking a long trip. Apart from keeping you occupied, a book or newspaper will also keep you informed and up-to-date on the current national and international issues. If you are still looking for places to hit on the road, consider this article about tourist beaches near Ft Lauderdale.

By going through travel-related books or newspapers, you may learn about a pickle-baking contest, garlic festival or a pie-eating contest in the next village, town or city. You can also discover the best landmarks, theaters or shopping centers that are available at your destination. Even if you are not a regular reader, you will suddenly reach your destination without even realizing it.

2. Sleep

If you are feeling bored or tired, you can stretch out in the backseat and sleep like you are dead. The trip will be over before you know it and your body will be ready for the various activities ahead. Sleep also enhances your concentration and puts you in a good mood.

3. Watch a Movie or Listen to Music

If you have a portable entertainment system such as an iPad, an iPhone, a tablet or an overhead DVD player, you can watch your favorite movies or listen to your favorite tunes as you travel. You can also listen to radio or watch television to know more about what’s going on where you are or where you are going to. You can use an rf amplifier if the radio signal is weak.

If you don’t have a television yet in your own home, Tech Vision Electronics provides high-quality premium flat-screen, swivel tv wall mounts at a low cost. You will be able to enjoy the greatest TV viewing experience with our corner, ceiling, swivel, and articulating TV wall mounts.

If learning how to create music has sparked your interest, sites like would be more than helpful to you.

4. Go Online

There are a lot of things that you can do online to make the time fly by while you are traveling. For example, if you have a laptop or an iPhone, you can connect to the Internet and chat with your friends, relatives or family members through social media sites such as Facebook or Twitter. To make the chat more interesting, you can talk about the journey, your expectations or memories that always keep you happy. You can also play online games that fascinate you.

If you are a student pursuing online education, this is the time to complete your assignments and go through difficult subjects. Communicate with your classmates in different parts of the world through emails or Skype and ask them to help you solve difficult problems. You can also ask them to provide you with relevant online resources for your coursework.

5. Talk to Your Seat-mate

Whether you are sitting next to a friend, family member or a stranger on a plane or a train, it is a good idea to keep a conversation going. To keep the conversation lively, you can say interesting things about where you are from and ask relevant questions about your destination. You can also talk about politics, celebrities and other things that you might have in common.

6. Take Pictures

Taking pictures of beautiful landscapes, wildlife or towns while traveling not only enables you to keep a record of memorable moments, but also keeps you active. To take the best shots, make sure you sit next to the window. Since you will be shooting out of the side window of a fast moving car, train or plane, you will have to increase the shutter speed of your camera to avoid taking blurred pictures.

Please note that all the above entertainment ideas only apply to passengers. If you are driving, be sure to stay focused on the road at all times.

Sarah Daren is a writer who creates informative articles in relation to education and technology. In this article, she brings up several options for staying busy during travel downtime and making the most of your vacation. She seeks to encourage higher education with an online masters of applied psychology.

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