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Pompeii Tours

Pompeii Tours – Top 8 Considerations to Know Before Booking
1. Timingis essential:

if you want to get the best experience possible. Realize that at times of the day, the site of Pompeii is much more crowded than at others. So, avoid the times when the cruise shipare running their shore excursions.

2. Indispensable things to have along with you within the site:

A bottle of water, a sun hat, sun glasses, and proper footwear for walking over uneven ground (i.e. flat shoes).

3. Avoid Low quality Local Guides:

Realize that the qualified local guides all carry the badge that shows they are authorized by the Campania region. Whilst this really is no guarantee nowadays that they’re worthwhile, it is at least a start. Also, realize that the Pompeii site protection is untrained and should not be accepted when they offer youtheir services.

4.There is a insufficient decent bathrooms inside:

Unfortunately it’s impossible round that one. When nature calls,


consume tissue paper into the site and/or make use of thebathrooms before entering.
5.Save your time buying your ticket by avoiding the primary entrance:

There are three entrances to Pompeii and by avoiding the Piazza Esedra entrance at peak times, it can save you time buying your ticket from the other two entrances Porta Marina (near the exit of Pompeii Stop) or Amphitheatro entrance in the modern town ofPompeii.

6. Bring some money to pay for necessities:

Credit cards are not accepted within the site for food along with other necessities so ensure to possess some cash with you. There are Automated teller machines, but sometimes are unreliable. Also, none of the ticket offices accept cards. (thanks for visitingItaly!)

7. Finding the right path around could be confusing:

With three entrances (that also may be used as exits), theoretically you can create an interesting one-way itinerary rather than staying close to the same entrance. However, the website of Pompeii is large and I help wayward visitors find their way to the exit every single day. Get a map (as part of your ticket price) in the entrance that will help you avoid becoming lost.

8.The very best thing you could do to increase your experience is to book an expert local guide:

They are able to help you with much more than not becoming lost. A genuine local expert guide might help interpret to you this is of everything you will see while visiting this unique 2000 years old Roman port town.


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