Safari Vacation

You have probably experienced the frustration that comes with packing unnecessary things for a trip. Many globetrotters have made the mistake of thinking that they need all the items they stuffed into my luggage, only to realize at their destination that they have left out the important things. Think of the inconveniences of unpreparedness: struggling with the heavy bag, enduring the inconveniences, and paying for the excess luggage, purchasing items you already have but neglected to pack.

Why do travellers make these mistakes? Probably due to the fear of being stranded far away from home. But most of all, inexperience and a lack of information is the main reason people arrive at the destinations ill-prepared.

An African safari is quite a unique trip and it is important that every sojourner pays attention to its own itinerary and packing list. To get the most out of an Africa Safari, it is very important to prepare for your trip.

So If you are planning to go on an African safari, the following tips will help you prepare easily before setting off on your journey.


Those who embark on African safaris need a whole lot of energy as well as high fitness levels. The tours, travels, sightseeing, hiking etc. can be tedious and stressful.

Except you intend to lounge around in your tent all day (which will defeat the purpose of a safari), else you need to be at an appreciable level of fitness to fully enjoy the safari.



Experts advise people to inquire about the health risks involved before they set out on any trip.  Travelling to Africa for a safari is no different. Heed the old advice; prevention is better than cure. What protective gear do you need to take? Sunscreen, sunshades, safari boots, Vit. C supplements etc? See comprehensive packing lists before you head off on your journey.

For those who can afford it, there are doctors who offer medical services in case of medical emergencies. For a small fee, these medics can help make your trip more enjoyable. Find out if there are travel health insurances available too.


Different climes have changing seasons. Before you travel on that African safari, it is essential to find out if the seasons are pleasant. This singular factor can make or mare your travelling experience. Generally, the best time to travel is during the dry season. The dry season in East Africa is usually between the months of June to October.


Avoid travelling during the rainy season, which is between the months of March and May, because of the rains. The rains often drive most of the animals into hiding and many safari activities might be unsafe on the rainy days.

When the heavy rains flooded the safari routes, the roads are likely to be rendered impassable for both vehicles and human beings. So before you make that trip, do your homework.



Some places in Africa are still not very safe to travel to. In this vein, you must do your research and find out hotspots. Consult with your country’s department of foreign affairs or other relevant bodies and seek their advice before settling on a country.


Africa generally is a hot place during the day no matter the time or season.

But do not be deceived. The nights can get very cold. Many tourists have found this out the hard way by exposing themselves. They assume that the day’s heat will continue into the night. Most of these ill-prepared travellers end up contracting pneumonia and other cold-related illnesses.

The recommend attires for an African safari are clothes that cover most of the body, especially at night. During the day, such clothes will protect you from the sun’s harsh rays during the day and protect you from insect bites during the night.


Although many safari tour operators and those offering related services accept credit/debit cards, you should note that the good old currency notes are still your best bet.

Talking of currency notes, the US dollar is king. It is almost generally accepted by safari operators and local merchants and service providers. The dollar can also be easily exchanged for the local currency.

So when packing, take as many dollar notes as you can.

In conclusion, an African safari is arguably the most exciting holiday. There are so many advantages to choosing the safari over all other holiday choices. But you must prepare properly.

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