Mother Hacks for Travelling With Children: A Pocket Guide!

Travelling With Children Guide

Did you ever make the mistake of thinking that with motherhood all the freedom of your life (or at least the freedom of movement) has come to an end? It’s time to put that thought to sleep because trust me, ladies, there is no such thing as not being able to travel because of kids; it just doesn’t suffice as a good excuse! Why? I’ll tell you exactly why. Read on to find out how you can very easily travel with your little ones and see for yourself how truly rewarding the experience is. In addition, if your child suffers any sleeping problems during the trip, I would recommend you to learn more about the ferber method.

1. Safe Cup:

Are you afraid your kid will spill the drinks all over the car seats? Fret not. Just get a plain cup/glass (preferably plastic) and seal it with Press n’ Seal or something of the likes. Insert a straw, and you’re good to go! Want to visit a place you haven’t been before? Take a look at Providence, RI guides for tourists to enjoy and have fun.

2. Rewards:

Prepare rewards for their good deeds. You can get those brown paper bags from any mart, seal some candies or funny baby clothes in them and mark them with the achievements. If your kids spend a certain amount of time without any quarrelling or disruptions, give them these goodie bags. These should serve as a perfect temptation.

3. Colours and Papers:

Both of these things are a must-have. If you keep colouring books with you, even better. But even plain paper and colours would suffice and keep them happy on the road. You can make a cute colours case with a DVD cover or an old Pringles can for your kids. Kids love DIYs.

4. Temporary Safety Tattoos:

If you plan to visit rushy areas and cities, chances are you might be afraid your kids will get lost. Write your number plus name on your kids arm near the wrist or hand and cover it up in liquid skin. This will keep your child from getting lost.

5. Pacifiers:

Pacifiers are a must at home, right? And now you must be wondering what will your little one do without them on a trip. Well you can keep them with you and keep them clean simply by sticking them into a small salad or sauce cup. You can get these from any salsa bar.

6. Bracelets:

You might not be comfortable with the idea of a temporary tattoo or your kid’s skin might be sensitive. In which case you can make a DIY bracelet with numbered beads, carefully stacking them together as your phone number is in case they get lost. Try to tell your kid the importance of it so it can be referred to when needed.

7. Car Alarms:

Get good  car alarm system for your car while you get off of it and your kid is sleeping inside. This minimises the risk of getting kidnapped and keeps your child safe.

8. Food Necklace:

This one’s my favourites ladies. And they look so cute! Just grab some pretzels and any candy or snack with a hole. Pull them together through a string so that it forms a necklace, this way you will not have to carry snack bowls and containers on your trips. Just keep these necklaces and keep your kids fed throughout the journey.

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