Taking your retirement overseas and the top 5 places to live

Taking your retirement overseas and the top 5 places to live

Dreaming of your retirement and what you can do? Ever contemplated on where to settle down? More people who are planning their retirement are wanting to move abroad to live and enjoy soaking up the sun. They’re many benefits when considering the move.

New research has been carried out by Schofields Ltd showing 57% of people are more likely to retire moving abroad. Quite understandable, I would love to retire away from home and out of the country. The most obvious giveaway would be hotter temperatures.

The weather plays a big part when anticipating the move abroad, as it’s your main key to relaxing. Having the ability to lay by the pool all day, soaking up the sun would be a dream come true thanks to the amazing job of experts like this plumber in the Eastern Suburbs of Sydney have done with the pool installation.

Another key point would be the financial side to things, in some countries everyday living costs can be cheaper, so this could be a smart move on your part. During the time between March and May 2017, there were 2% more visits abroad by UK residents.

5 Top places outside the UK

The top 5 most popular destinations when retiring:

  • New Zealand – High for individuals picking up the most experiences. Fantastic sceneries and views.
  • Netherlands – Ranked high for quality of life, beautiful locations, education and number one for job security.
  • Canary Islands – Quiet and peaceful. Off the coast of Spain, assured hot weather conditions. Attractive surroundings.
  • France – Divine food and wine, classified as romantic, pleasing weather, business friendly and one of the most visited countries.
  • Canada – Rated by the UN as the world’s best country to live in, spectacular sights, and warm welcoming locals. High education; Canadian schools performed better than students from any other English speaking country.

It may come as a surprise these top five places, taking into consideration you can see these places are certainly worthy of retaining the top spots.

Reasons identified why people want to retire abroad:

  • 61% said life seems a better pace of life.
  • 59% suggested the way of life is more affordable.
  • 47% exploring different types of food and drinks to try.
  • 38% of people said they wanted better weather.
  • 36% liked the idea of walks on the beach, mountain views and change of scenery.
  • 30% of Brits embracing new culture.

Once you’ve settled out there, you could learn to adapt and fit in to your new culture. Learn how to properly dine, dance and experience their styles. Not only is this educational but also exciting. Make new friends with the locals, impress the locals with your knowledge on their culture.

Pick up the language, you could be relaxing by the pool all day whilst you learn, in the meantime when you give yourself a break, you’ll be involved with other resident people speaking the language which would be very helpful. You could read books, watch videos or even involve yourself attempting to speak the language with a local.

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