How to Impress Your Business Partners while Traveling

How to Impress Your Business Partners while Traveling

My mentor and former boss used to say that once you start your own business and set out on the path of being an entrepreneur you cannot afford to make mistakes. Not even the smallest ones.

If you want your name to get out and your business to thrive, you have to make sure you leave an impression. Not just on your clients, but your peers, business partners, and investors. Both are equally important for your success. These connections are the foundation of your future, which is why you have to make sure you nurture these relationships.

One thing that can make or break your relationship with investors and business partners are the business meetings. Your partners will form an opinion on you largely based on how you organize these meetings. That is why you should approach every business meeting as if it was the first time meeting your partners. A business owner needs to adopt a certain set of skills in order to easily impress their partners.

The devil is in the details, they say. So when organizing a meeting think about details such as where you will be meeting, how will you keep them entertained in between. Perhaps you should hire a reputable limo service like Stay Classy Transportation to greet your partners at the airport or show them around the town.

In this article, we’ll give you a few ideas on how to behave and what to pay attention to in order to easily impress your business partners.

Loosen Up

When meeting business partners it’s important to remember that you’re no longer engaged in sending emails back and forth, but rather in actual communication. And while it’s important to show your manners, try not to be too stiff. You should come off as both professional but open to communication. There’s nothing wrong with a couple of appropriate jokes or a few smiles. Everyone prefers a pleasant chat over a dull conversation.

Plan for Everything

Long meetings can take a toll on anyone, especially if you cannot reach common ground. That is why you have to plan for a few breaks in between the meeting. Make sure to add a coffee break, a lunch or even a dinner if the meeting runs late.

Make sure your business partners can catch a few breaks in between as it will lift the spirits and make the negotiations easier. More importantly, you are bound to come off as someone who plans for everything.

Find the Right Venue

If you don’t have a conference room or enough room in your office, you should look for a suitable venue where you can hold the meeting. The size and the type depend on the number of people at the meeting as well as the type of the meeting. If you plan on holding a presentation you should look for a large hall that has the right prerequisites, like a conference table and a projector. If you’re planning an informal meeting, perhaps you can hold it in a restaurant. Only make sure to reserve an area away from the other visitors, where you can get some peace and quiet. The most important thing is to make your partners comfortable, no matter where you choose to hold the meeting.

Leave a Lasting Impression

If you want to leave a good impression you should go one step further than simply planning the meeting. One great way to leave a lasting impression is to hand your partners gifts after the meeting. It doesn’t have to be anything big, maybe a bag of products your company makes or a number of trinkets. But make sure that whatever it is, it has your company’s logo on it.

Another thing you could do for them is to hire a limo service to take them on a tour of the town, showing them all the landmarks before you head out to dinner. A lot of limo services can be hired for an entire day, so a luxurious limo can wait for them at the airport as soon as they arrive. You can learn more about the amenities that go with hiring an airport transportation here:

The Takeaway

By showing attention to details and that you care for your partners, you are bound to make a lasting impression and sway the course of the negotiations. Hard work and thorough planning along with a dash of natural charm can open any doors.

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