2 Strong Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Spend Much on Theme Park Tickets

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I’m sure that most of us are always excited to go to amusement parks. In fact, we schedule it months before the expected visit. Funny, but thinking about the rides gives you that tickling bone. All these are normal, but you shouldn’t do one thing. Splurge on theme park tickets. I know that you are considering doing this. Well, you have to think about it. I have some great reasons for you not to. Are you ready?

Rides are not the only thing that can make your theme park stay worth it. You always have to remember that there are other activities which you can do in theme parks. For one, you can take candid photos with your friends. Try to see the whole park as your studio. Be wacky as much as you can.


Aside from rides, you can enjoy your stay by eating comfort foods. I’m sure that there are available burgers, corn dogs and ice creams. You might want to munch those and spill some on your shirt. Believe me, that might be hilarious, but it could be so much fun!


There are also games wherein you can win really cool stuffs. Cool stuffs like huge tiger toys and piggy banks. Yes, I know that they are quite petty. But if you are going to think about it, you’re just reviving your childhood. It would be a huge setback from your busy lifestyle. And to be honest, that can be a good thing. We all need a break!


There are affordable coupons online.


You got this right! Why would you spend so much if you can get the same things for less? But of course, you have to be smart in choosing coupons. Not because they are cheap, you would be eager to get it. Make sure that you have done your assignment first. You need to check which rides are the best. I know that you can find these in review sites. Once you are done with that, that’s the only time you should get coupons. It would be a waste of money if you will get a coupon for a theme park ride that is lame and stupid.


I’m basically telling you that there are a lot of things that you can do in amusement parks. And it’s not all about rides and scary booths. You will surely enjoy the company, the people and the atmosphere of being surrounded by happy faces. So on your next theme trip, you’ll know what to do.


Toni Okeson is a mother of two and always checks for Theme Park discounts before heading out with the kids. This site offers specials for just about every theme park in the U.S., including Six Flags Coupons for all 18 of their U.S. parks

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