Tourism – The key focus of any government and any country

Tourism - The key focus of any government and any country

Tourism is the services provided to travelers for leisure, business or recreational functions. Tourists are defined as those who travel as well as stay in places out of their usual environment, perhaps for 24 hours or even more, but not for a very long time. It is a very popular global leisure activity. Tourism industry is the biggest industry across the globe. It has now become a good source of employment. Types of tourism depend on the reason of travel. The tourism industry is very important across the world.  It brings in huge amount of foreign exchange money, which is very important for economy’s growth.

Some of the types of Tourism are:

  • Educational tourism: Adoption of new education system has called for education tourism. Various student exchange programs are examples of such tourism focused on boosting the cultural knowledge and communal harmony.
  • Medical Tourism: It is the movement of patient from a highly developed nation to a relatively less developed nation to make use of medicinal facilities and technology available there due to any reason.
  • Ecotourism: Ecological tourism also known as ecotourism, refers to people travelling to fragile, delicate and often protected areas that are usually small scale. Its main motive is to foster respect for culture and human rights while educating the traveler and providing funds for conservations. Such tourism benefits the economics and communal development.

Benefits of tourism:

  • It can offer a very good alternative in some industries that are exclusively focusing on tourists on a large scale for yielding income both privately as well as nationally.
  • In many places, the development of tourism allows an opportunity to local people for economic growth.
  • It creates jobs in different areas as the tourism industry encompasses a lot of entities. It involves car rental agents, hotels, restaurants, souvenir shops, service stations, tour companies and many more. And, all of these areas are in need of people for employment.
  • The income generated from tourism can be beneficial to host country and to its local communities. It can be used on local as well as national level to better education, to fund conservation efforts and even to promote more responsible tourism.

Resorts Services:

Resort, such as Phoenix resorts, is a place used for relaxation and attracting visitors for holidays or vacations. It provides basic amenities like:

  • Some of the amenities provided are hotel rooms with telephone, cupboard, alarm clock, a safe and housekeeping.
  • Five star and above ranking hotels, which score high in status symbol provides swimming pool, fitness room, childcare and conference facilities.

Names of some of the resorts play a significant role in attracting the customers. Some intriguing names like Vila Gale Cumbuco Resort and Vila Gale Eco do Cabo would count for christening of the resorts.

The system of the Vila Gale Cumbuco resort ensures all inclusive vacation complete with meals, drinks, snacks and entertainment included in the price. It offers self-catering apartments and beautiful bungalows to enjoy the beautiful Satsanga Spa and the best of Ceara.

The Vila Gale Eco do Cabo offers luxurious and modern facilities. Guests in it are invited to relax at the swimming pool surrounded by a terrace, were guests can lounge under the sun or under the palm tree as well.

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