The Most legendary attractions in Orissa, India

Orissa offers a blend of enormous varieties to mesmerize the tourists at the first sight like beautiful gravestones, plentiful wildlife sanctuaries, temples, eye-catching backdrops and many more. It gives you an opportunity to discover the history resided in the beautiful destinations of Orissa. Once you are in here, this place will make you flabbergasted with its unique beauty and rich history .A huge amount of tourists visit this place every year to indulge in the charming tradition and the most fascinating attractions. If you don’t want to miss the beautiful destinations in and around Orissa, then have a look below


Konark Sun Temple

Placed in a stunning location near the beach and fabricated beautifully with great designs; Konark Sun temple adds a little touch to the visitors tour by bringing charming attractions near the place like Chaurasi, Astranga and many more. It is worth visiting this place during the day time as the crowd most starts departing at this time only. Well you don’t have to fret as there is no issue; you can visit the temple from dawn till dusk.


Bhubaneswar brings out the mixture of past and present with its beautiful attractions surrounded by the place. Starting with Nandan kann Wildlife sanctuary, which is the illustrious destination for the wildlife lovers .Do you have any idea, why this wildlife sanctuary is famed? If not, then visit it as soon as you can and see the wild animals from a minimum distance and top of that they are not caged. All the fortification of the visitors on their visit are taken care by the greatest wildlife specialists. Many temples are positioned across this city like Mukteshware Temple, Lingraja Temple, Siddheswar Temple, and many more. To visit the other attractions in and around the city like museums, playgrounds, and many more just take the bus service or hire the taxi to make your journey pleasant and adventurous.

Chandipur Beach

If you are a beach lover and looking to spend some quality time with your loved ones, then Chandipur Beach is the perfect place to relish the unique beach, golden sand and sparkling water. It is easy to get to this place from Bhubaneswar and Kolkata. Seeing the breeze rippling the shining water and walking on the white sand holding your partner’s hand will fill you with bunch of elates.


It is a paradise to many beautiful attractions like beautiful beaches, temples, scenic sights of dawn and dusk, and much more. Every year, the Rath Yatra Festival is held between July and August. Non-Hindus visits Puri during this time only to have a sight of the Lord Jagannath and touch the chariot for making a wish. You can also visit every November to relish the beach festival of Puri.


Tribal Villages

Meeting the people who live in isolated areas could be difficult for you on your visit to Orissa, but not unattainable. You will have to hire a professional tour operator who can actually take you into the tribal areas and let you discover the standard of living of the tribal people. This tour will surely give you an absorbing experience; however this can be discovered with a minimum tour of 5 days.

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