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Getting to Know the Angel Orensanz Foundation for Arts Center

Angel Orensanz Foundation for Arts CenterThe Angel Orensanz Foundation for Arts is one of the most unique locations in the world. It was established in 1992, not very long ago, but since then it managed to make a lasting impression on all its visitors. This is a cultural and artistic place open to all artists, writers, thinkers from all around the world. In time, the foundation collaborated and has been inspired by Philip Glass and Spike Lee; Arthur Miller, Alexander McQueen and many others. It is a place where you can set your imagination free, where ideas come to you and you get a different understanding of the world. It truly is a beautiful place, that strikes through its eccentric works, bright colors, strong figures and you will surely want to come back someday. It concentrates such a high level of culture and artistic work and it is almost unbelievable.

What is more, the foundation renews itself periodically and always new changes appear in order to avoid unpleasant monotony. More recently, to delight its visitors it has just inaugurated a digital department of cultural and artistic projects with a strong educational basis. It publishes its own personalized magazine, a weekly TV program and always keeps a fresh amount of 50,000 pictures that illustrate the work of Angel Orensanz. Also, the place has its library focused on the social and cultural history as well as an impressive collection of digital files and videos of Angel Orensanz. The foundation prides with is the good estate of the building and its gorgeous architecture that remembers vividly of the German Reform Movement that took place in the 19th century.

What is more, one of the most spectacular parts of the Angel Orensanz Foundation is the museum. Situated on the 3rd and the 4th floor of the building, it is completely devoted to Angel Orensanz’s works of art. You can find here almost everything, from sculptures, light panels, light boxes, drawings, videos and installations, all made in a beautiful manner that will transport you into the artist’s world and will help you understand his ideas and the message he wanted to pass on. Also, there is a special team that will help tourists orientate and that will provide the supplementary details that they may need.

In addition, the foundation has a very popular gallery too. It is located in the Lower East Side, in a self-sustainable building that is one of the most appreciated event venues in the city. It is a space specially made to host amazing exhibits and to display the works of international artists. Here, people have the chance to see innovative art objects, sculptures, and paintings that illustrate the cultural inheritance of various cultures.

Finally, The Angel Orensanz Foundation is clearly one of the most impressive and unique institutions in the world. It combines so many different aspects of art and culture, and it still manages to blend them all together and give such a magnificent final result. It is a place that is surely worth visiting whenever you happen to be on vacation in New York City.

Author Bio: Ioana loves to dive into the cultural side of life, and when she is not travelling to interesting cities, you can find her working at, providers of luxury and affordable tourist apartments in New York.

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