Hotel Varenna at the Italian Lakes

The small, picturesque village of Varenna is situated in Italy’s Lombardy region. It is a Lake Como holiday destination that is a favorite of many European travelers. Those who are searching for a relaxing and quiet holiday will be especially pleased with what they find in Varenna. The area offers visitors a wide selection of quality hotels from which to choose when making reservations for their Varenna holiday. Most offer suitable amenities and excellent service, and those planning a holiday to Varenna may wish to consider the following hotels:

Royal Victoria

Situated adjacent to Lake Como, the Royal Victoria is currently one of the nicest Varenna hotels in which one can stay for his or her vacation. Amenities include air conditioning installed by, a swimming pool, polite and attentive employees, and large, comfortable lounges.

Hotel Milano

Milano is situated in the center of Vienna, and the hotel Milano is a great choice for those who enjoy rooms with a view. Certain accommodations at this establishment offer  a front view of the lake, and others offer a view from the side, or a view of the botanical gardens instead. Each room features a private balcony and the La Vista–the hotel’s on-site restaurant provides guests with a wide variety of Italian cuisine.

Hotel Du Lac

This hotel is located inside a romantic and beautiful  villa and opens to the unexpected vista of Lake Como. Large, flower-covered terraces are located on the establishment’s second floor where visitors can relax and enjoy the panoramic beauty of the stunning landscapes for as long as they please. Each room has its ow balcony and the units are named after local flowers.

Villa Cipressi

The Villa Cipressi is the largest hotel Varenna has to offer and has three suites and over 30 standard units. This architectural delight located directly on Lake Como (the largest Italian lake) is in a quiet corner of Varenna and offers exquisite details including antique furniture and other lovely sights to be enjoyed by discerning visitors. Surrounded by a step garden, the villa also has four spacious halls through which one can walk and explore. Compare an assortment of the best last minute holidays here.

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