Top 5 Cultural Activities In Banff

Top 5 Cultural Activities In Banff

Though Banff is known for outdoor activities and winter sports, finding cultural activities is not as difficult as you might think. There are plenty of things to do throughout the year and here are the top 5.

Culture Days

You may have heard of Alberta Arts Days which take place over three days as a part of the National Culture Days. For the city of Banff, that celebration involves the Whyte Museum of the Canadian Rockies, local art galleries and parks. Banff is one of the host sites in Alberta so make sure to join the celebration in late September of every year. Though the event is short, it is a good way to live the culture of the area.

Walter Phillips Gallery

There are several other areas in the Banff Centre where you will be able to find cultural events but the Walter Phillips Gallery for Contemporary Art is one of the most popular ones. You will be able to take the free guided tour for whatever exhibition they are showing at the moment so take advantage of that every Thursday evening. There are many different exhibits shown at the Walter Phillips Gallery throughout the year so pay attention to the schedule posted at the Banff Centre.

Film And Book Festival

The Film and Book Festival takes a total of 9 days and it happens from late October to early November. You will be able to see some of the best mountain films in the world and watch speakers take the centre stage. This is a world class event so venues and theatres are filled to capacity with both locals and visitors. You will also be able to meet authors and film makers while at the festival. You can also get your books autographed by authors at the festival.

The Banff Summer Arts Festival

The Summer Arts Festival takes place throughout the summer starting on June 21st all the way through August 25th at the Banff Centre. Because of the length of the arts festival, visitors during the summer should make it a point to go there. You will be able to see everything from contemporary art to music to theatre and concerts. Other artistic displays make a stop in Banff during the festival that you would not be able to see in the area as they come from other museums.


Wordfest takes place every year and it is the festival for both readers and writers. There are plenty of events that are featured during Wordfest but all of them are there to enhance the communities which it serves. Wordfest is committed to helping with youth engagement programs, outreach activities and book rapport so make sure to bring your school age kids with you. If you are visiting the area during Wordfest you will be able to tell because everyone will seem to be carrying a book at the same time but to confirm, make sure to check the Banff Centre website for dates and times.

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