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top honeymoon destinations

top honeymoon destinations

The honeymoon is a quintessential part of any wedding celebration. As such, it should be located in a place that will be special to both of you and will always be memorable. There are many great locations to plan a honeymoon, but the following list details the top honeymoon destinations of all time.

Las Vegas, Nevada

The city that never sleeps, Las Vegas’s bustling nightlife ensures you’ll find something to entertain you and your loved one. With great food, wonderful attractions and entertainment that cannot be found anywhere else, Las Vegas is a supreme honeymoon destination anytime of the year.

The Caribbean

If you truly want to feel pampered, the tropical Caribbean offers everything couples could want for a romantic honeymoon. Beautiful beaches, tropical islands and wonderful shopping will entice and enchant you and your partner at this honeymoon location of a lifetime.


A country rich with history, Ireland offers a truly unique honeymoon experience. Beautiful landscapes, towering cliffs and amazing ocean views are the perfect setting for your romance. Tour an ancient castle, have a picnic on the beach or watch the sun set over the water and you’ll truly feel in paradise.

Paris, France

What better place to spend your union as husband and wife? Visit the Eiffel Tower, tour the various historic landmarks and take in the scenery at a sidewalk cafe or bistro. Truly romantic, Paris will delight you and your significant other with fine dining, shopping, tourist attractions and luxury hotels.


If you enjoy fabulous cuisine, picturesque landscapes and a climate that seems perfect year round, you’ll want to visit Italy on your romantic honeymoon. The people are friendly and welcoming, and the shopping cannot be beat. Tour old ruins to understand the country’s history or take a seaside walk by a looming medieval castle. You’ll definitely remember this honeymoon long after it’s over.

No matter where you decide to spend your honeymoon, you’ll find the perfect romantic spot is a place that will be special to both of you; a trip you’ll remember for the rest of your life.

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