10 Best Gluten-Free Restaurants in Rome

10 Best Gluten-Free Restaurants in Rome

The thought of going to Rome, Italy- land of pasta, pizza and bread may feel celiacs everywhere with dread. For those who experience the autoimmune reaction to gluten, a protein commonly found in wheat, a visit the Eternal City may seem like the worst possible holiday destination for anyone with a gluten intolerance.

But dining in Rome does not necessarily have to be a terrifying, and disappointing experience. In fact Rome has fast become one of the best places for those who are gluten intolerant, with many great gluten-free restaurants and top eateries preparing beautiful, authentic Roman food suitable for celiacs.

Top Tip:

While on your trip to Rome, make sure you remember this sentence: “Sono intollerante al glutine.” Meaning “I have gluten allergies,”. Use it whenever you are at a restaurant and want to ensure everything is kept 100% gluten-free.

1. Il Viaggio Ristorante

Swordfish Parmesan

Swordfish Parmesan. Photo courtesy of Touriocity.

Recommended by Italy’s Celiac Association (AIC) II Viaggio is a beacon of gluten-free hope for, in a city where the consumption of wheat is practically a national sport. Here you will find gluten-free versions of their entire delicious menu. Some of our favourites that you simply must try include: the saffron risotto with braised veal, and gnocchi with cacio cheese, pepper, and pear.

If you are looking for more traditional Roman dishes, a delicious carbonara and tiramisu are also available. At II Viaggio you will be in the most excellent hands; where there is no need to be concerned that your dietary requirements will affect your dining experience. The restaurant also uses separate utensils and cooking space when preparing gluten-free meals, and even offers a range of great gluten-free cooking classes.

Via Isonzo, 14, 00198 Rome. +39 06 9799

2. Il Capriccio

Il Capriccio

Photo courtesy of Touriocity.

Also recommended by the AIC, Il Capriccio offers authentic Sicilian cuisine in the heart of Rome’s uber trendy Trastevere. The menu is extensive, with gluten-free versions of all your favourites. Try the seasonal Bruschetta to start and any of the amazing pizzas on offer. We particularly enjoyed the Napolina. The classics are always the best!

Via della Pace, 27, 00186 Roma. +39 349 140 3107.

3. Sans de Blé

Sans de Blé rome

A selection of traditional Italian pastries. Photo courtesy of Touriocity.

Sans de Blé is such a charming little gluten free bakery that you can not help but fall in love with. What makes this bakery unique is that it offers a great range of gluten-free cakes and pastries to enjoy with your authentic Italian espresso. Choose from an ever changing menu of traditional Italian desserts, pastries and biscuits. after a long day sightseeing why not venture inside to grab a great artisanal coffee and freshly baked marmalade croissant or a pile of profiteroles to share. Savory items are also available with a great range of gluten-free pizza, by the slice.

Via Gabriello Chiabrera, 58, 00145 Roma. +39 06 6465 0277.

4. Le Sorelle

 Le Sorelle rome

Photo courtesy of Touriocity.

Founded by sisters Ivana and Raffaella Talacci, Le Sorelle is a great little place centrally located near the Spanish Steps and Piazza di Spagna. What is great about this restaurant is that its relaxed and welcoming atmosphere creates the impression that you are popping in to family for a nice home cooked meal. Le Sorelle is famous for its monkfish in saffron sauce, which includes slices of roasted pumpkin in autumn. They also have a fine menu of meat dishes and are very happy to prepare most of their mains and pasta dishes for those avoiding gluten.

Via Belsiana, 30, 00187 Roma. +39 06 679 7583.

5. Ristorante Dai Sandri di Trastevere

Ristorante Dai Sandri di Trastevere

Photo courtesy of Touriocity.

Dai Sandri di Trastevere is an excellent choice if you are looking for gluten-free Italian classics, set within the heart of lively Trastevere. Accredited by the AIC, you will be able to choose from the best of Italian cuisine, with the opportunity to enjoy those classic Italian flavors without the worry of eating gluten. The restaurant’s speciality, locally caught cod with chickpeas is a real treat as is their extensive range of classical Italian desserts.

Via Roma Libera, 19, 00153 Roma. +39 06 581 6469.

6. Quinzi e Gabrieli

Quinzi e Gabrieli rome

Photo courtesy of Touriocity.

Famous for their impressive array of fish on their menu Quinzi e Gabrieli is a must for anyone visiting the great city of Rome. Set within a beautiful location, just minutes from the Pantheon and Piazza Navona, the owners of this beautiful little restaurant will be more than happy to cater for anyone who is gluten intolerant. Try the fresh lobster linguine in their divine tomato sauce. Absolutely stunning and beautifully presented.

Via delle Coppelle, 5, 00186 Roma. +39 06 687 9389.

7. ‘O Masto Pizzeria

‘O Masto Pizzeria rome

Photo courtesy of Touriocity.

A trip to Rome would not be complete without enjoying some authentic Italian pizza, right? The thought of this may fill most celiacs out there with despair, but there really is nothing to fear at ‘O Masto Pizzeria. Along with their original recipe pizzas, they also offer excellent gluten-free versions. The menu hosts all the classics including a delicious pizza con funghi porcin and a delectable pizza ai frutti di mare. Thick crust Neapolitan pies tend to be their speciality, but you can also choose a thin, crispy crust instead.

Largo Carlo Salinari, 13, 00142 Roma. +39 06 541 3448.

8. La Piazzetta di Roma

La Piazzetta di Roma

Photo courtesy of Touriocity.

Another great restaurant specialising in delicious, fresh fish. The fish options are but one reason why La Piazzetta de Trastevere stands out from other Trastevere establishments. You will be absolutely spoilt for choice with their fresh grilled fish and shellfish, all beautifully paired with great seasonal vegetables.

Piazza dei Visconti, 8, 00164 Roma. +39 (0)6 66014164.

9. Mama! Eat

Mama! Eat rome

Photo courtesy of Touriocity.

Mama! Eat, recently opened in Rome, is a restaurant especially for celiacs and accredited by the AIC. The menu is incredibly simple to follow and easy to decipher. They boast a totally locally sourced, seasonal lunch and dinner menu showcasing some of the best traditional Italian cuisine in Rome. The staff are always friendly and very happy to explain the menu in full to you. Try any of the “senza glutine” pasta dishes or the Lasagne Bolognese, with the stunning homemade Panna cotta with fresh berries to finish . All celiac friendly and all absolutely delicious.

Via di San Cosimato, 7/9, 00153 Roma. +39 06 580 6222.

10. Fatamorgana

Fatamorgana rome

Photo courtesy of Touriocity.

Fatamorgana is not your average gelateria; in addition to the traditional favorites you might expect, they also offer utterly unique flavours such as wasabi, Black Forest gateau and chocolate infused with lapsang souchong tea. With cones starting at just €2 for two small scoops and with their menu entirely gluten-free, this is a great treat for all the family.

Via Roma Libera 11 (Trastevere) and Piazza degli Zingari (Monti).


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