Which Florida Beach Town Best Fits Your Style?

Florida Beach Town

You gently awake from a beautiful dream with soft sun rays warming your face. Look around and you’re in a luxurious, oversized bed. A breeze from the sea softly moves the sheer curtains leading to your private terrace. Are those the ocean waves you hear?

You take a deep breath and stretch. Ahhh, good morning, Florida…what should we do today?

So how do you know which is the best beach town for you? Florida is the ideal vacation spot for everyone because it offers beaches, shopping, arts, culture…this state has it all (plus plenty of margaritas and mojitos to go around!). But choosing where to go among the numerous Florida beaches can be tricky. After all, Florida has its fair share of gorgeous locales for rest, relaxation, and downtime. However, you’ll quickly find that there are just as many “party beaches” here too.

You may think it doesn’t matter which beach town you choose but you do have a beach town. You’ve just got to find it. Here is a look at four great areas of Florida and you can decide which one will be the best vacation spot for you and your family. You can even for a room at an Oceanfront hotel booking site.

Miami Beach: Best for Big City Glitz

Many people who are ready for a vacation still want a bit of that “big city glitz and glam” in between rest and relaxation. For this reason, Miami Beach is the ideal place.

The most famous beach in Miami Beach is SoBe (South Beach). Always buzzing with the fun and energetic, there is never a dull moment to be had on this beach. It’s packed with tons of activities for everyone — from rollerblading and people-watching on the boardwalk to swimming, eating, drinking, clubbing, and more.

If you are interested in a smaller village vibe, Coconut Grove could be the place for you too. Known for its bohemian charm, this little community was actually first settled in the 1800s, making it the oldest, continuously inhabited village in Miami. Head here for a day filled with relaxing activities like art gallery visiting or shopping — or get out in nature and try some hiking or biking in the area.

Florida Keys: Best for Laid-Back Partying

The Florida Keys are great for those who aren’t looking for a party every night, but who might be interested in some laid-back partying.

The Florida Keys offer both beautiful beaches and historical attractions to visit. Two of the finest are Ernest Hemingway’s Spanish Colonial home built in 1931 that is now a museum and Harry S. Truman’s Little White House, which was built in 1890 to serve as the naval station command headquarters during the Spanish-American War. This property became Truman’s winter White House in 1946. In fact, it ended up being the place where later presidents would also come to relax. It is still in use as a presidential retreat as well as a business venue and museum.

After enjoying these special spots, the beach calls! Head out for an evening of dancing, eating delicious artisan foods, and enjoying the diverse nightlife that the Florida Keys have to offer.

Seaside: Best for Families

Seaside is a gorgeous beach town known for its unique design picturesque vacation rentals. It’s not your average tourist spot. In fact, it’s a closely-knit community on its own that welcomes visitors from around the world to partake in the laid-back, easy-living experience found here. It’s also is known for its luxurious, family-friendly vacation rental properties – no motels or hotels here.

For these reasons, it’s best for families or those who want to be able to walk to the beach or stores, enjoy a weekly farmers’ market every Saturday, and take life at a slower pace than usual. In fact, Seaside is known for being one of the most walkable cities in Florida, and for this and several other reasons, it’s also one of the most environmentally friendly cities in the U.S.

If you’re ready to let your cares go and spend some downtime in nature and with the people who mean most to you, Seaside could be the right fit for you.

Sanibel Island: Best for Nature Lovers

Sanibel Island is one of the most special barrier islands in the world. Unlike most islands, Sanibel Island has an orientation going north-south instead of east-west. This gives the island gorgeous sandy beaches, beautiful wildlife, and amazing places to collect shells and enjoy the views — everything nature lovers will adore.

Why else is Sanibel Island perfect for nature lovers? Two words: Turtle season.

From May to October every year, Sanibel Island becomes the go-to nesting area for big, beautiful sea turtles. As long as visitors follow the state’s guidelines, you can watch them and it’s truly an amazing and unforgettable experience.

Start planning your Florida vacation today.

You deserve a vacation that makes you feel rejuvenated. Unfortunately, for most of us, we spend more time recharging our phones than we do ourselves. But you do deserve a recharge. Ready to take the plunge? Florida is the perfect place. Choose your unique beach town, then book your vacation today.

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