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Virtual Private Network which is well known as VPN. In short, it is a private network across the public network. It enables authorized users to send and receive data. It is created by the data transfer through a virtual point-to-point connection of authorized systems or networks. It ensures the safety and functionality of an application. It is mainly used by telecommuting workers.

Even though it cannot make connections completely anonymous it can increase security and privacy up to many folds. To avoid leaking of private information VPN only allows access to authenticated users only. Even if someone tried and succeeded to breach into the VPN, they can only see the encrypted data of it. And the sender can decide who can receive the data they sent. And they will be notified if someone tries to break in. And to increase security the sender can set password or such remedies so only the supposed receiver can get the data that was sent.

VPN for Windows

iTOP VPN offers VPN for Windows software. iTOP VPN can help you unblock contents that are blocked in your countries. It also keeps your data safe while it is transferred. If anyone tries to get it other than you, they will only get the encrypted data. iTOP VPN provides you with top-in-class encryption. iTOP VPN also ensures data transfer quickly. So, there will be no lagging.

  • Firstly, it can help you hide all of your private information. Any website or apps which try to get your information can be prevented from doing so by using VPN.
  • When you use a certain amount of your data, gradually your data speed decreases. This is called bandwidth throttling. But by using a VPN you can avoid this from happening.

Free VPN

Free VPN gives you free rein over any search you make because it does not require any payment to hold you back. It provides you with all services that are provided with any VPN. As all VPN does this also hides your IP address to ensure your privacy. In short, it is a VPN that simply doesn’t require any payment as it is a free VPN.

  • In certain regions, some information will be banned. But a VPN is a private network you can overcome that ban. Similarly, you can avoid certain censorships too.
  • VPN also can over economical long-distance phone calls, meanwhile other internet calls are a lot expensive.
  • Also, as it is a private network it does not requires maintenance or other support charges.

Best free VPN for Windows

Are you in search of the best free VPN? Here are some best free VPN for Windows. iTOP VPN is one of the best free VPN for windows providers. It only provides access to the private network not to the public network even though it is there

VPNs are created to ensure privacy and to see through the blocks made by some. It is the safest way of data transfer existing because only the sender and the authorized receiver can see what the information sent is. It also helps you to keep your privacy from prying eyes.

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