Hiring Piano Movers


Hey, piano man!  How are you going to get your piano from your current house to your new house?  It’s not as though you can simply strap it to your back and head out for uncharted territory.  You’re going to need to get it from point A to point B somehow, and that’s where piano movers come in.  When it comes to hiring piano movers Ottawa residents should keep a few things in mind.

It is always best to hire residential movers that has specific experience in moving pianos.  A piano is a difficult thing to move safely, and a removals dublin company that specializes in moving such things will know how to pack it so that it does not move and get damaged. A carrier company would have their own trucks and haulers and they only hire trained and licensed drivers for Truck Driver Positions. Regardless of which you choose be sure to check them out thoroughly for proper licensing along with reviews and customer testimonials. In addition, they will have trucks that are specifically designed for moving pianos and they will know how to load and unload it.  Some companies will even retune your piano once it is in place, as it will likely go out of tune during the moving process.  This is an unavoidable side effect of moving a piano, and it is an easy fix.

Because moving a piano is a specialized service, it will likely cost somewhat more than standard furniture moving rates, but it is worth the extra money to ensure your valuable instrument is transported safely.   Remember that although some types of pianos (such as console pianos and upright grand pianos) can be transported in their fully assembled state, other types of pianos such as concert pianos will require a certain amount of disassembly and re-assembly by an expert, which is part of what you pay for when you engage this kind of service.  When you pay to have your piano moved by experts, you are paying for the benefit of their expertise.

How will they actually move your piano?  Although each company may use a slightly different method, generally the process is this:  A piano will be placed on a piano board and then covered with blankets for protection.  The piano is then strapped to the board and then moved to the truck by way of a hand cart or a dolly.  The board is slid off the dolly and onto the stair/ramp leading to the truck, then gently eased onto the truck.  Care is taken to ensure that the piano does not slide too fast and lose control, which can lead to disaster.  When the truck reaches your new home, the movers will utilize a hoist to lift your piano into your new home, particularly if its new location will be in a room on an upper floor.  It is too risky to try to get a piano up multiple flights of stairs!

Moving a piano is tricky business.  It is always a good idea to hire professionals who have the knowledge and expertise to move your pricey investment piece safely.  They have the knowledge not only of how to move things safely, but also of how a piano works, so that they can expertly pack it, disassemble it if necessary, load, unload and re-install it in your new home.

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