How to Choose the Perfect Holiday Destination

How to Choose the Perfect Holiday Destination

Deciding where to go for your next vacation is always an exciting endeavor. You get to spend hours after hours browsing the Internet, travel blogs and guidebooks looking for inspiration.


Sometimes though, there are so many places you wish to see you simply find yourself with no idea on where you should go next. Ask yourself these questions below to help you narrow down your search, so you find yourself heading to the perfect destination.


1. What is your timeframe?

Knowing how much time you have free from work, study or other such commitments will help you determine how far you can travel.


For instance, if you only have a week to spare, then visiting somewhere that would take you two days simply to get to the destination would not be worth it – somewhere nearby and easily accessible is best for shorter trips.


Get a car service and head off on a road trip to your nearest neighbouring town if you only have the weekend free, so that you maximise the amount of time you have to explore and relax.


2. What is your budget?

How much money do you have to spend on accommodation and traveling expenses?


If this is limited, then perhaps you need to choose somewhere where you have friends who can provide you with accommodation, or who can at least suggest somewhere cheap and cheerful to stay.


You should also keep an eye on budget flights and package deals: there are plenty of travel websites you can sign up to for alerts that might provide you with the perfect location to fit your budget.


3. Why are you going?

Are you in need of a long overdue rest from your hectic schedule, or are you bored with everyday life and in need of an adrenaline rush?


This will help you decide whether a one-week hiking trip is the holiday for you or if lazing at the beach drinking a mojito is more what you need.


If it’s a family vacation, then looking out for kid-friendly attractions would also be a wise idea – make sure there is something to keep them occupied so that you can have some time to yourself as well.


4. Who are you going with?

Are you traveling alone, in a pair or in a group? Knowing how many people you will be traveling with will help you budget easier.


For example, if there’s a group of you headed on a road trip, you know you can split the driving responsibilities, car insurance and accommodation costs – which will mean you can afford to stay somewhere nicer.


Getting everyone together to work through these questions will also make sure you are all on the same page when it comes to choosing the final destination. Invite your friends around, grab the world map, get out your guidebooks and make a night out of the planning.


5. Research Research Research.

Even if you come across places and accommodation deals that are not suitable this time around, the more research you do, the better an idea you’ll have of the places you wish to go in the future.


Read the travel section in your local newspapers and on their websites, head to your local bookstore and peruse the travel section: get inspiration in anyway you can. There are so many different ways to travel that you may not have considered before.


Any destination you choose can be the perfect one if you have a clear idea of what kind of holiday you want, and how much you are prepared to spend to get it.


Enjoy your planning and remember: just because you aren’t headed to a certain place this time around, doesn’t mean you won’t get there eventually.

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