How To Put Together A Video Of Your Entire Trip

In this article, I will try to help you, all those who want to put together their own travel video, with photos, videos, music, and everything they want to add. I clarify that this is not a step-by-step tutorial, in which I am going to detail exactly where to click for each thing. But if I am going to guide you a lot, and hope it will help you a little bit.

What I am going to explain to you, and the tips that I am going to give you, are not to make a film that will compete for the Oscars, needless to say, although if they win one, at least name me! Ha! It is for them to make an entertaining video, with a bit of music, and that it remains as a good memory and they can show their friends or family. I don’t think it is necessary to explain how boring videos are, those in which one unintentionally stays filming for a long time, nothing happens, there is no music, and people end up sleeping !!!

To help you with an idea of what you can do, just having a little idea, time, and reading everything that I am going to explain in this article, I leave you the following video of when I went to the snow this year. It took me about 8 or 9 hours to edit, in which I only used the programs that I recommend below, and I filmed it entirely with the “GoPro Hero 2”.

How to make a video of your trip?

Before starting, I recommend some programs that will be necessary to start putting together the great video of your trip, your vacation, your weekend, your wedding, birthday, or whatever you want!

I recommend downloading the following programs:

FlexClip: it is the program with which we are going to use to edit the travel video. It is very simple to use, do not be afraid. It is not even similar to Adobe Premiere (which is much more difficult).

Freemake Video Converter: we use this program to convert the videos to a single common format, which we are going to edit later. It is convenient to do this step if we have many videos in different formats or sizes (Full HD, HD, etc.).

DesignCap:  photo editing program, you can use it to adjust the contrast, brightness, colors or add effects to your photos. It is very simple to use, and it is free.

FLVTO: this is an online service that is used to extract the music from a YouTube video that you want. Therefore they insert the link to the video, and this website automatically generates an MP3 file, only with the music of the video, that they can download to their computer and then use on yours.

Tips before starting editing

Choose the music to use, take into account the type of music depending on what you want to show. Obviously, they are not going to use a Luis Miguel theme to show his snowboarding from a mountain.

Look first at all the videos and photos you are going to use, make a selection of them, and copy them into a new folder.

Convert all the videos to the same format and proper sizes.

Tips for editing a video

Remember to put only the most important parts. It is not necessary to put 1 minute of the collective trip in which the route is always the same, just putting 3 or 4 seconds is more than enough to remember the moment. If you will like the help from an expert, consider using hiring the highest rated Dubai based videographer.

Include videos or photos with people. It is not a video from the Discovery Channel, it is your video, and if you or your friends do not appear, it is not worth it! Besides being big, you will want to see when you were young and did all kinds of antics!

Are there parts that you would like to show in full, but are they too slow? Give it a ” fast camera “, a piece of more energetic music, and voila, solved your problem!

Include ” texts ” if necessary, with the names of places, people, or any information that you think is important to include and remember in the future.

Be creative. Can’t you find creativity? You will have to look for it because unfortunately, you cannot download it from the internet, nor can you buy it.

How to start editing?

Steps to start editing the video of our trip:

1.Compile the videos and photos in a folder

2.Select music

3.Convert all videos to the same format and proper sizes.

4.Prepare coffee, ha!

5.Get started with editing!

As I told you before, this is not a step-by-step tutorial, detail by detail. It is helpful so that you know where to start. Therefore, once you have all the videos to include, the photos, and the music, you can open FlexClip video editor and start editing.

What do I mean by this? they start cutting and pasting videos, photos and putting music on them. FlexClip is very easy to use. Just upload your clips and photos to FlexClip, choose a template (you can also start from scratch), add some music and add some other effects you want. And wait for a few minutes. You have the finished video waiting to be published. Everyone is surprised by the tremendous editing and quality of your video, and your surprised friends may ask, ” but did you study filming?”.

What is nice about editing a video is that the credit of the final edition, and how the video is going to be, is totally ours, yes yes, you take it to all the awards !!! And not like photography, one sometimes takes some incredible photos (forgive the humility ha!), And what is the first thing they tell you? What is it? They tell you, “Ah but you have a great camera, right?” As if the “big” camera did all the work!!!

And now: Where should I upload the video?

The three options that I know, and that I think are the best, are the following:

Youtube: you all know it. It lets you upload Full HD videos of up to 1920 × 1080. The problem is that many times if you use commercial music, it will tell you that you do not have permission to use those themes, and it will block and it will block their audio. Try uploading it and see what happens, maybe you are lucky, and nothing is blocked.

Vimeo: it is another page very similar to YouTube, but with the difference that there they will surely not block their audio, even if they are commercial songs.

Facebook: you also have the option to upload your video to Facebook directly, although I particularly prefer YouTube or Vimeo.

At Last

I hope you have found this guide on how to make a compilation of videos after having traveled or what you want, and if someone has already started making their own travel videos and wants to share them with us, welcome!

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