Keeping Kids Happy in the Clouds

Unfortunately there is no travel brochure containing different activity ideas to keep your child occupied during a long plane ride. Parents are left to their own devices when it comes to keeping their kids occupied and happy during those long, uncomfortable flights.

Keeping your children happy on a plane does not have to be a nightmare. All you have to do is involve your child in the trip process and come prepared with plenty of distractions. Here are a few tricks and tips to keeping your children happy and content during your flight.

Give a play-by-play. Children are better able to hand situations when they know exactly what is going to happen. In order to get them through the airport without too much hassle you must give them a play by play of what they will see, and what they will be required to do. Make the trip, not just the destination, sound fun and exciting, this way the plane ride is part of the fun adventure. Involve your children in the planning and packing process of the trip. They will feel more in-the-know and they will have a more grown up feeling of responsibility on the trip.

Dress to impress. You do not have to dress your children in suits, ties, and dresses, but it is important that they feel nice and put together on the plane. It will give others a good first impression of your parenting and your children will feel that traveling on a plane is something special.

Provide lot’s of wiggle time beforehand. Make sure your children understand that while they are on the plane they will not be able to move around much. It will help if you give them time before getting on the plane to move around and get the wiggles out.

Snacks, snacks and more snacks. Plane food is not going to cut it for your kids. They will most likely get hungry as soon as the wheels of the plane leave the ground. Bring a variety of snacks and try to ration it out throughout the flight.

Have them pick out games and toys. Let your kids pick out their own games and toys, such as the ones from, and put them in their own personal backpack. They will feel independent and they will know exactly what they have to play with. It is also a good idea to have a few surprise treats and toys for designated times during the trip. Another really good place to find awesome toys that kids will love can be found by following that link, I always use that to find the best toys now. You can also use the toys and treats as rewards for good behavior during the flight. Tell the children you have surprises for them so that they know have something to look forward to.


Madison Hewerdine is an author who likes to write about travel brochures and has a passion for painting.

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