Ravello: Gem on the Italian coastline


People would sometimes forget that Italy has more to offer than the ancient Roman ruins in Rome, or romantic villages of Venice or Verona. Any tourist who has gotten bored of seeing all those old paintings in even older churches can escape to the Amalfi Coast, one of Italy’s main tourist regions. Ravello is a hidden gem on this Italian coastline.

The Italian town situated on the Amalfi coast has been attracting composers,  artists and celebrities for centuries with its beautiful views. Its scenic beauty has made it an popular destination for tourists looking to find the real ‘la dolce vita’.

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Amalfi Coast seen from Ravello

Amalfi Coast

Situated in Southern Italy, the Amalfi Coast is a stretch of coastline not only important for tourism in the region but is described as one of the highlights of Italy and for this reason, attracts tourists from all over the world.

The magnificent views on the surrounding landscapes have earned their place on the UNESCO World Heritage list.

Mediterranean panoramas of coastal mountains plunging into the sea with picturesque towns and lush forests is what you see when you smell notes of lemon while exploring the region by enjoying the Amalfi drive. It’s no surprise many artists have found their inspiration for their creative work while living on this authentic Italian piece of coastline.

It’s no surprise many artists have found their inspiration for their creative work while living on this authentic Italian piece of coastline.

Iconic view from Ravello
Iconic view from Ravello


Ravello is one of those pastel fishing villages who lies alongside the vibrant cliffs of the Italian coastline. Perched high on a hill top like an eagle’s nest, it is considered as one of the best views on the Amalfi Coast.

The winding cobblestone streets and dreamy gardens give the town a medieval touch. Its once-elegant palazzi and many secluded villas show the faded glory of the once richer and larger town.  Big tour groups may have replaced the stream of writers and artists but the real authentic feeling still fills the air in the small streets.

The most popular tourist attractions of the historic town of Ravello are the two famous gardens, Villa Cimbrone and Villa Rufolo. Wandering through the terraces of these panoramic gardens not only lets you enjoy the many tropical plants but also offers you vertigo-inducing views of the coastline.

This latter garden is now the stage of the Ravello music Festival.

Outdoor concert stage in Ravello
Outdoor concert stage in Ravello


The dream settings of the Ravello gardens inspired Wagner and even today his music is still to be heard in the historic town.

Not only does the Ravello Concert Society organize a long season of concerts with the sky and the sea which inspired the musician as a backdrop, but every summer Ravello is the décor of the annual Ravello Festival held in the Villa Rufolo gardens.

The combination of the scenic background and the music makes an experience you will never forget.

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