Small home? Tips on creating storage space


Storage space never seems enough in any home. But for small homes the challenge is even bigger especially if there is a lot of stuff to be stored and a need for trusted and reliable storage unit that we offer is a must, you can read more here about us. Most times there is no need to add more rooms in the home ore do some remodeling in order to have more space to store the essential items in the home. As soon as a home starts to appear small because of the items in it then there is need to create more space before it overwhelms the homeowner. You can also get sash windows that are triple glazed, it’ll give the home a bigger look compared to regular windows. Furthermore, it is important to adopt ways of maximizing space in the most cost effective manner available. Some of the best ways to create space for storing items in a small home include:

First, it is important to organize items in the home in two categories which are what you want to keep and what must go. To de-clutter the home means to go through every room and look through different areas and remove what is not needed while keeping what is important. Many times, home owners find that they have more room to store things than they had imagined. If you’re looking for a freezer warehouse to store your food, visit Fripp Warehousing (for freezer warehousing in Kelowna).

Second, buy furniture that is able to do double-duty such as bunk beds that can be used for sleeping but have drawers underneath them that can be used to store a number of items. Other types of furniture that can be used for more than one purpose include dressers that have drawers on the side or even underneath that can be used for storing a variety of items. You can also use heavy duty plastic storage tubs for storing some of your stuffs. Ask these affordable storage units in Brisbane to guide you through organizing your space.

Third, evaluate the usage of the furniture in most of the rooms so as to ascertain whether they are necessary or not.  Furniture in areas such as the bedroom should all have drawers that are used to store many items that might have taken up more space had they been stored somewhere else in the home. furthermore, in areas such as the kitchen it is advisable to hang some of the utensils as well as appliances used from the ceiling. This can be achieved by using hanging racks as well as suspended shelving for items such as pots and even pans. If you have any excess, old or or unused furniture, contact Furniture Donation Pick Up so you can donate those pieces of furniture instead of throwing it away.

Fourth, using one room for more than one activity is also a great way of maximizing the space used in a small home in regard to the furniture placed in the room. For example, the sitting room can be used as the dining room through the purchase of dual purpose furniture which will still leave the room looking good irrespective of the activity taking place. And ofcourse, if  you need more wisdom in interior design such as SPACE PLANNING, experts from are one call away.

Lastly, use appliances such as shoe organizers for storing a number of items with the most obvious being shoes and other small appliances that it can hold such as remote controls, note pads, cell phone chargers among others. These organizers can then be hanged behind closet doors where they do not take much space and yet leave a drawer free for other items that are essential in the home to be stored and easily accessed as well. You may also look for a storage facility if you really don’t have enough space at home.

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