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8 Mind boggling Things to do in South America

Things to do in South America

You can hardly guess the variety of adventures and various types of mind-blowing sceneries South America holidays has to offer just by looking at its map. It is absolutely marvellous to see how no one place in the continent is similar to the other and each has a charm of its own.

South America is a home to some of the world’s most trill-filled and adventurous activities.

From towering mountains and magnificent beaches to vineyards, wildlife and icebergs, you name it and there is a location for each of these within the continent.

To know more about the vast continent of South America continues to the list below.

Iguazu Falls, Brazil

The name itself means “big water” in the indigenous Guarani language. Known as the new seven wonders of nature and one of the most famous landmarks of South America, you can visit these imposing waterfalls from either Brazil or Argentina. From Argentina you get access to ‘Paseo del Diablo’ which is a trail that takes you right over the falls of Devi’s Throat, the highest fall in the park.


Mount Roraima, Venezuela

It takes almost a 5-days hike to reach the top of this majestic table-shaped mountain located in the south of Venezuela. It is the highest tepui in the region and is considered one of the most beautiful hikes in the world. It also serves as a triple border of Venezuela, Brazil and Guyana. Enjoy the crazy scenery of strange rock formation, hundreds of waterfalls descending from the huge cliffs and vertigo views.

Salar de Uyuni, Bolivia

Popular as the world’s largest flat salt at over 10,000 square kilometres, Salar de Uyuni will surprise you with its endless white expanses and surreal scenery. The combined view of smoky volcanoes, coloured lagoons and great dessert makes you will like you have arrived on another planet. You can also spot wild fauna like Ilamas and pink flamingos all over the lake.

San Pedro de Atacama, Chili

San Pedro de Atacama, a dessert found in the south of Chili, as some people say is the best place to do stargazing in the world. During the day the heat and drought can exhaust you but at night when it gets cold, the entire village gets lit up by the millions of stars in the sky.

Amazon- Ecuador

As we all know, the Amazon Rainforest is the most species-rich and largest forest in the world. Not surprisingly, many parts of the forest still remain unexplored. You can venture into the large pockets of this land via a tour which will include white water rafting, cycling and jungle trekking. The much awaited part of the trip is the night walk when the entire forest erupts into a cacophony of loud croaks and buzz. For all the thrill seekers, you can trek even when it is dark!

Chapada Diamantina, Brazil

Visit an entire park formed by giant valleys, deep canyons and hundreds of spectacular waterfalls.  The breath-taking views here are such you would want to miss during your trip to South America.

Peru Cuisines

There are extreme secrets of recipes worth to taste here. On the top list of cuisines you get to see things starting from pungent potatoes to guinea pigs. At Peru you will always find young chefs creating nice, quirky and interesting receipes. Reputed tour operators of Peru Holidays do see to it that you don’t miss out the best delicacies here.

Perito Moreno Glacier

This spot should be the first in your bucket list if you are visiting Patagonia. The scenic views and ice glacier is totally mesmerizing. Reputed tour operators of Patogonia cruise do make systematic itinerary and do see to it that best is explored.

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