10 Tips for Your First Trip to Wrigley Field

The first time is typically the most difficult time, especially when it comes to visiting new places. Even with all of the resources and tech that we have at our disposal, you’re bound to get lost at least a few times. Doubly so at a place like Wrigley Field.

Today, we’re aiming to make your journey easier. Today, we’re sharing 10 tips for your first trip to Wrigley Field. In fact, we’ll get started with a freebie. There are luggage storage lockers near Wrigley Field where you can safely store your things. Drop off your gear and have a look around.

Admire The Scenery at the Wrigley View Rooftop

The fun thing about attending a baseball game is getting swept up in the moment. The roaring crowds, the witty commentators, the dedicated players — all of it. The Wrigley View Rooftop allows you to do all that from a different perspective.

This rooftop event space offers a gorgeous view of Wrigley Field. It also offers food provided by Buona Beef Catering. And by food, we mean entrees, dessert, & drinks. Event rooms for corporate meetings and parties are also available at this family-friendly venue. Children 2 years old and up will need their own tickets.

Eat At Murphy’s Bleachers

Murphy’s Bleachers is a household name in Chicago. It’s an immensely popular sports bar that’s lauded by fans and players. Whenever a big game is about to start, Murphy’s Bleachers gets packed with baseball lovers. 

This venue has a very long and decorated history. It was founded in the 1930s as Ernie’s Bleachers, a humble hot dog stand. Ownership changed over the years, and numerous renovations were made. An in-house museum was added in 1999.

Stop By Cubby’s

Most folks will flock to Murphy’s during the day, then stop by THE CUBBY BEAR (aka Cubby’s) at night. It’s a live music and nightlife bar named after the Chicago Cubs. This venue opened in 1953 and has hosted numerous National Music Events since then. 

The menu includes signature dishes like Cubby Nachos (chips, chicken, chili, and sour cream) and the Brat, a Wisconsin-inspired bratwurst. Cubby’s is also an insanely popular private event space.

Book Your Stay At Hotel Zachary

Finding a great place to stay in a new city can be tricky. That’s why we recommend checking in at Hotel Zachary. This immensely famous hotel is a short walk away from Wrigley Field.

The building has a sleek, environmentally conscious design and clear views of Wrigley Field. Hotel Zachary is known for classy suites with hardwood floors and minimalist decor. The Bar is Hotel Zachary’s flagship restaurant;  it features tons of drinks and a vintage aesthetic.

Need to host a corporate meeting? Several meeting and event rooms available for rent, including a spacious patio and a brilliant library. 

Bring Extra Napkins to Smoke Daddy

It’s time to get messy but in a good way. Barbeque isn’t a dish where you eat formally and cautiously. You dig and you don’t stop until your face is caked with BBQ sauce. Smoke Daddy appreciates this fact, but you should still bring extra napkins.

This is the go-to spot for all things barbecue. It has been open since 1994 and prides itself as a “world-class BBQ” joint. The menu is divided between delicious Dinner options, beautiful Brunch items, and a respectable Drinks section.

Smoke Daddy also hosts numerous live music events all throughout the year. Fans of great music and great BBQ ribs will be right at home here.

Photo by Max Bender on Unsplash

Get Some Fresh Air at Gallagher Way

Gallagher Way is a breezy park that’s big on social and community events. It’s right next to Wrigley Field, making it a popular tailgating spot. People who’ve grown up in Chicago are all too familiar with this iconic venue. 

Gallagher Way hosts several major events like the French Market and Gameday at Gallagher Way, and more. It also frequently hosts outdoor movie nights, yoga classes, and children’s activities. 

Bring Your Own Beer to Cozy Noodles n’ Rice

Beer enthusiasts rejoice, Cozy Noodles n’ Rice has heard your prayers. This casual Asian eatery encourages guests to bring their own beer. The environment is very chill and the food is exceptionally tasty.

The menu includes Pad Thai Noodles, curry, and all the Boba you can drink. This friendly Thai restaurant has operated since 2003. Co-owner Tee M. is the warm and welcoming face of the restaurant. 

Shop and Save at Belmont Army

Chicago is many things, but average isn’t one of them. Even the city’s clothing stores have distinct, memorable personalities. That’s the case with Belmont Army, a trendy clothing store that also sells military surplus items.

It was founded in Lakeview in 1974 but opened a Wicker Park store in 2006. Belmont Army marches to the beat of its own drum, evident by a cursory glance through their About Us page. Sales are frequent and the stock is extremely unconventional.

Live and Laugh at the Annoyance Theatre 

They say laughter is the best medicine. If you’re feeling out of sorts, we recommend a trip to the Annoyance Theatre stat. This popular comedy venue opened in 1987. It features two theaters that the cast and crew utilize for a myriad of different shows. If you want to savor comedy shows like this, all you have to do is to find Comedy Tickets and Events online.

Stand-up, improv, and sketch comedy are the Annoyance Theatre’s main focuses. However, they also offer comedy classes, acting classes, and writing workshops. You aren’t just spectating shows here, you’re a part of them.

Walk on the Wild Side at the Lincoln Park Zoo

It’s one thing to look at online pictures and videos of animals. It’s another experience to see them in person and even interact with them. The Lincoln Park Zoo is a rare breed; it’s an interactive petting zoo with a menagerie of domestic and exotic animals.

There are numerous exhibits, many of which allow safe animal encounters. More than 1,100 different animals are cared for here. The zoo has been open since 1868, but it houses a Burr Oak Tree that’s been around since 1830.


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