Tourism Is on the Rise – Just in Time for Your Florida Vacation

Tourism Is on the Rise - Just in Time for Your Florida Vacation

After the year we’ve had, everyone deserves a vacation. The question is, where? Just a flight away for most Americans, Florida is the perfect place to unwind at its pristine beaches and waterfront restaurants. But there’s another reason why it’s a great choice right now for your next trip destination: tourism-focused businesses in Florida have upgraded their services to give visitors a travel experience that is better than ever.

Like other famous tropical destinations, Florida relies on tourism to support its economy. In fact, 75% of its tax revenue regularly comes from travelers. So when this number dropped 31.5% during the pandemic, Floridian businesses were especially affected and wondering what to do next.

Realizing that the best way to stay alive in the long term would be to prepare for the eventual resurgence of tourism, leisure-based rental companies began looking for ways to refresh their businesses. Many focused on creating better experiences for customers by upgrading their amenities to appeal to post-pandemic sightseers.

For example, companies like Charter Solution, the Florida-based yachting company which provides luxury yachts for hire, recently purchased a new 46-foot luxury yacht. Aptly named the Regal, the yacht features a wet bar, sunroof, electric grill, and flat-screen TV with wall-mounted speakers. Its large windows provide a gorgeous view of Florida’s seascape, and the boat’s rear swim platform gives passengers the chance to explore the warm waters firsthand. Able to sleep four people, the Regal could host a young family’s first vacation or a few couples on a getaway retreat in Miami.
You can reach out to Charter Solution through their Facebook page or Instagram profile plus, their website offers great communication using WhatsApp.

Tourism Is on the Rise - Just in Time for Your Florida Vacation

Now that tourism is starting to pick up again, Charter Solution President Jacob Gitman couldn’t be happier with his investment. “It is fantastic that we in Florida have been able to welcome nearly 60 million visitors this year. With the increase in tourism, Charter Solution’s newest vessel is the perfect addition to our fleet.”

The booking business is also making sure to give extra attention to its other services by catering to the resurgence of tourists in Miami, Key West, Key Largo, and the Bahamas. By providing services including luxurious home rentals and private jet charters, Charter Solution hopes its all-encompassing business model will renew a desire to travel in those who have not been able to do so.

Services like the company’s jet and yacht charters not only offer an exciting escape from everyday life but a safe one, too. For those tourists who want to go somewhere new but minimize exposure to Covid-19, a charter is a great solution. Renters can choose the people on the trip so that only family and friends will be present. They can also work with the captain to ensure their experience gives ample distance from other travelers. Since charters can be booked for a few hours up to a few days, visitors will be able to make the most out of their vacation on their schedule, budget, and level of comfort.

It’s time for a much-needed vacation for so many people. Head to Florida and see for yourselves how great your post-pandemic trip can be!

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